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Level 635..ready to uninstall!!!

Jena28Jena28 Posts: 20 Level 2

Hi Everyone,

So I've been playin candy crush since December, 2019. It started as an escape when I found out my childhood friend had pancreatic cancer (she passed in January this year). I've been hooked ever since & its a great time passer😚, however, I will soon reach my 4th week on level 635!! I have NEVER been on ANY level that long & its annoying as hell! Im ready 2 just take it OFF my phone! Challenges are fine, but this is BEYOND ridiculous!

How am I supposed 2 bring down ingredients with that dumb frog in my way? Then by the time I'm able 2 move it, 1 ingredient is released & b4 it reaches the bottom, game's over! I have only been able 2 send 2 ingredients through, never all 4! I asked 4 help on here & I cant remember the name of the nice person that sent an updated video, but it was so small & there was no way 4 me 2 make it bigger so i could see the strategy. Not sure how u all got pass this level but if I'm still stuck after week 4, I'm done with this game!


  • kiara_waelkiara_wael Posts: 24,733 Superstar

    Hi @Jena28 . Welcome to our Community

    Level 635

    This level have normal difficulty and you need to use good technique to complete this level. For this level you should try to play from the middle columns so ingredients will appear from same column. Try to break the blockers using special candies or as frog start to make the circle take him near to ingredients. Then play near to ingredients to take them to the bottom or take ingredients to middle column as soon as possible if any ingredient appear to corner so you can reach the requirement without wasting the moves.

    Take a break and play again , just keep trying . You can do it

  • Jena28Jena28 Posts: 20 Level 2

    Hi @kiara_wael, u are AMAZING!! Thks 4 responding 2 my post! I read it, watched the video, then immediately tried playin again & won! Unbelievable cuz its been 3 weeks of playin daily with no luck. Being able 2 enlarge the video helped a great deal! Thks again, ur so awesome...geez, now i can move on! Im sure there will be more hard levels but coming 2 this community is very helpful! 😚

  • Leslie_BLeslie_B Posts: 381 Level 4

    @Jena28 great job❣❣❣✨🎇🎆

    I'm so happy that you got past level 635!

    @kiara_wael is a great helper. You'll find many people to help you through the tough parts in the community.

    Sorry for your loss. I hope you find some joy here.

    I just reached level 7536 today. Interesting that it is 635 backwards only with a 7 in front(sorry I'm seeing patterns everywhere lately). I can attest that there are some really challenging levels to come but they are all passable. I have watched tons of videos when I have gotten stuck. They really help.

    Happy crushing❣

  • Jena28Jena28 Posts: 20 Level 2

    Hi @Leslie_B, thank you soooooo very much! I am so lucky to have joined this community because you all are so nice, thoughtful and helpful! I appreciate you all. Thanks for mentioning my loss, it was very hard (and still is), but i'm doing ok. I was thrown into this pandemic (with the rest of the world), immediately after the funeral, so it was just awful!

    Congrats on reaching level 7536 (not sure i'd have noticed that its 635 backwards minus the 7, lol)! I can't even imagine getting that far, i've a ways to go. It's so much fun playing this game, I just get frustrated at times when i'm on a level for too long...3 weeks is way too long and if i didn't win, i would've been going into a 4th week! I was getting bored playing the same game each day because that was the longest level i've been on so far. Thanks again and I'm sure i'll be on here asking for help again, although I usually wait till about 1 or 2 weeks before asking :-)

  • Leslie_BLeslie_B Posts: 381 Level 4

    @Jena28 you're much more patient than I am. I only give it a couple of days before asking for help.

    There is a player on YouTube named Johnny Crush that doesn't use boosters. I can usually pass a level using his technique.

    I am somewhat familiar with pancreatic cancer. My grandfather and Uncle passed away from it. They didn't have a type that was treatable. My best friend from growing up passed away from breast cancer when she was 38. I'm 60 now. I still miss her. Having the pandemic on top of it would have been too much.

    I hope that you get to zoom through some levels for awhile and have some fun. Take care❣❣

  • Jena28Jena28 Posts: 20 Level 2

    Hey @Leslie_B,

    Thks 4 letting me know about Johnny Crush! I will look him up. As 4 having patience, I do get quite annoyed, but I kinda like 2 see if I can figure it out b4 asking 4 help.

    Regarding that type of cancer, yeah its the worst one to have! Sorry 4 your loss. This has been such a tough year so far, I hope to get thru it! Anyway, stay safe.

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