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⭐️⭐️ Candy Crush Saga All Stars Tournament!



  • Fortunes
    Fortunes Posts: 2 Newbie

    Same here everything has disappeared had the 15min cookie but nothing else

  • coopsj
    coopsj Posts: 623 Level 3

    Try playing another game. It worked for me....but am well behind on the leaderboard

  • Pounawea
    Pounawea Posts: 4,514 Community Manager

    Hello everyone,

    Today we are starting the Quarter Finals stage of the Candy Crush Saga All Stars Tournament!


    For all our Candy Crushers that reach the top 1 position and qualified, it is time to keep crushing and show everyone who's teh best crusher!

    Here some information regarding the quarter final stage:

    2.- Quarter Final Stage - Candy Crush Saga All Stars Tournament

    Duration: 1 day (29th September)

    Objective: classify as the top 1 player in your leaderboard to move on towards the Semi Finals!

    Rewards for the Top 10 players!

    Candy Crusher, don't forget to share all the content you can see in the game regarding this event. We want to see it all and we want to know it all! How are you guys doing, who are the celebrities, etc.

    Here in the Candy Crush Saga community, we are all rooting for you guys!! 👏 🥳 ⭐️ ⭐️ ⭐️ ⭐️

    👉👉 Who will be the UK's top crusher?! May the best and sweetest win!

  • Bevvy-2
    Bevvy-2 Posts: 11 Level 2

    I've got into the challenge now but catching up with those who have levels to play is going to be impossible. Don't think it's right that we are not playing in a level playing field. Those of us at the end of the game are at a disadvantage. 5th at the moment in my qualifier but have over 6000 to catch up. Not happy😠😠

  • lucyw
    lucyw Posts: 5 Level 2

    I qualified for to today and claimed my reward. I’ve had not a single part of it so far today?

  • BeardyLox
    BeardyLox Posts: 4 Newbie
    edited September 2020

    Hi everyone,

    I apologise for the rant but I'm hoping it helps a lot of people and maybe people from King can take note.

    The event was "supposedly" starting at 6am, a lot of people couldn't see it. I didn't manage to take part until 9am where 1st place already had over 8000 striped candies. How could I compete with this??

    Candy crush is clearly a RNG (random number generated) game, they use this RNG to randomly place candies on the board which in turn determines if you will win or not. To combat this you can be a P2P (pay to play) player which will more or less cancel the RNG out.

    As much as I understand that's how King makes money and pays it celebs to endorse this event, it is still only an event where you will only win 50 gold a month and this seems a bit greedy and unfair, especially in this current climate.

    I'll carry on playing for fun but unfortunately I have friends that dont send lives and I don't have the £37.99 for 12 hours of unlimited lives, so therefore I have no choice but to wave my white flag in this event.

    Good luck to those who make it through.

  • Liam_Mannion
    Liam_Mannion Posts: 10 Level 2

    In 5th with 3.7k. Haven't played it nonstop and doesn't seem worth it as leader on 10k and not stopping with 8hr30mins to go so not that interested to chase for a prize of negligible worth and perhaps 5 minutes of virtual fame. They're probably sitting with a pile of snacks, coffee and playing 2 devices at once. :) Ominously the best level to play to achieve it seems to be 666 not that I'm overly superstitious as prefer to balance it with perspective :)

  • BeardyLox
    BeardyLox Posts: 4 Newbie

    I feel you buddy, I was 7th now 25th and 1st place has 33000. There is no way to compete with that!

  • thieveslikeking
    thieveslikeking Posts: 38 Level 2

    I’m 8th with 7600+ striped candies. Only top 7 get prizes. Wasn’t it supposed to be top 10 get prizes?

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