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Levels with Swedish Fish vs Coconut Wheel

Albert_Heinrich Posts: 2,608 Level 4

In the last 180 levels (7776 - 7955) Swedish Fish (SF) levels amounted to 41% and Coconut Wheel (CW) only 9%. This is very disproportionate. CW is very useful, since it targets 3 Rows or Columns at minimum. The Striped and Wrapped Candy makes it even more powerful.

I, like probably quite a large number of players that have been at it for years, have so many CW Boosters, just waiting to be used. With so few levels allowing it, it becomes worthless when winning one in any spin or being gifted one.

When spinning the Booster Wheel, I keep my fingers crossed for it not to land on the CW. It is also very strategically placed next to the "Jackpot", so inevitably if you miss the "Jackpot", it will either land on the CW or the Colour Bomb.

Why can it not be allowed to select Boosters multiple times in one level.

Another option would be to make CW available as an In-game Booster, where it can be selected multiple times, increasing your chances of winning a level.



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