New! ☠️ Sour Skulls in Candy Crush Saga

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Dear community,

We are introducing a new sour & magical game element in Candy Crush Saga: the Sour Skull!

With Halloween looming in the horizon, experience the newest game element and overcome the curse that the Sour Skull will be spreading upon the Candy Kingdom!

First Sour Skull level?

The Sour Skull will appear from level 8031 and be available on W10 on October 14th. Facebook and mobile devices will feature the Sour Skulls on October 28th.

However, stay tuned in the game... as the Sour Skull curse might arrived to one of the upcoming events in the game!  😯

How does it work?

The Sour Skull is a game element consisting of two components:

  • First part are the Pedestals. These 'locks 'that can appear on a level and the only way to remove them is by destroying them.
  • The second titular component, the Sour Skull itself. The Sour Skull has five lives and can appear on any of the Pedestals. Every time you hit the Sour Skull, it loses a life, cowards away and teleport itself to a new Pedestal. 

Sour Skull tips from our Level designers!

  • Plan ahead! The next pedestal in the Sour Skulls travel sequence will be highlighted with a small pulse.
  • Do not worry about ALL the pedestals. Focus where the Sour Skull is now and where it is about to land. Remember, it only has 5 lives!
  • Its a good idea to focus on the Sour Skull first, as destroying it with the Pedestals, can reveal key elements in a level!

We need your feedback, Candy Crushers!

👉 What do you think of the new Sour Skulls? Share your opinion & feedback with us below!

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