Pumpkin Pursuit in Candy Crush Saga 🎃 🍬

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Dear Candy Crushers,

Check out this new & halloween-ish candy!!

I bet it's delicious! 😋 Well, as part of the Candy Crush Saga Halloween events, we will also be running a tasty Pumpkin Candies competition for a limited time!

Pumpkin Pursuit in Candy Crush Saga  🎃 🍬

🎯 Objective: Collect as many Pumpkin Candies as you can and reach the top positions on your leaderboard.

🗓 Dates: 28th October until 1st of November

🆙 To see the event in your game, update your game to the latest version! (App version 1.188)

🎃 Event mechanics:

  • Collect Pumpkin Candies from the Main Saga Map only. Other events out of the main Saga Map won't count.
  • Collect Pumpkin Candies to win points in both New Levels and Old Levels!
    • Play New levels to collect Pumpkin Candies x2.
    • Also, and especially for our players at the top of the Saga Map, we can play old levels as well! Collect Pumpkin Candies x1
  • Leaderboard will be of max. 30 players
  • Reach the top 10 positions at the end of the event to win sweet rewards.

🏆 Rewards:

  • 1st place: 1 Free Switch Hand + 1 Candy Hammer + 1 UFO + 1h Unlimited Lives
  • 2nd - 3rd place: 1 Swedish Fish + 1 Candy Hammer + 3h Color Bomb.
  • 4th-5th place: 1 Coconut Wheel
  • 6th-10th place: 1 Striped & Wrapped candy​

Good luck everyone and happy pumpkin Candies crushing! 🎃 🍬

Sweet & spooky Halloween events in Candy Crush Saga:

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