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Level 8194 - Why they reduce the number of moves again?!!

kck1001 Posts: 95 Level 2

I have to complaint that why the company has reduced the number of moves from 30 to 27?!!! Just required one more move, I can complete it. 😡Can anyone tell me why and who have done this? If they want players to purchase more boosters, why don't they just reduced it to 20 or lesss moves such that it make the player should use 5 Party boosters to finish it.


  • lgh
    lgh Posts: 29 Level 2

    this is another make money with "lucky. boards". I will never buy boosters and while I have 90 potential moves I don 't have the required number of bricks. Tried using all. boosters available. If only 1 percent have seen this level how many of the 99% have quit over levels like this. bye.

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