I need help level 702

materialGirl31materialGirl31 Posts: 146 Level 2
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I'm stuck on level 702 since yesterday I have no booster i tried on YouTube to get help passing its not working please help

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  • Werner_CichyWerner_Cichy Posts: 26,942 Crushing Legend
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         The last completed Levels             

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  • Freddy_Freddy_ Posts: 67,274 Crushing Legend
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    @materialGirl31 Hi and welcome, Video hear done with no boosters and one of the latest versions, should give you some hints and tips but you just need to take your time and make sure you do not miss the chance to make any wrapped candies of color bombs

    Thank you

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  • materialGirl31materialGirl31 Posts: 146 Level 2
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    Thank you everyone for help you're the best

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  • wykoonwykoon Posts: 7,134 Community Hub Moderator
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    Hello there @materialGirl31 and good day to you.

    Some of the levels are very much depends on the lucky board and I guess for this level it is. Thus, just keep trying. You may apply the following general tips if you stuck in any CCS level.

    1. Take your time and focus on the board.
    2. Study the game board before and throughout the game. Always play at the lowest level of the game board to enable more candies to drop from the top.
    3. The above will give you opportunity to create special candies such as striped/wrapped/color bomb. Combining a colour bomb with either a striped or wrapped candy will destroy any blockers.
    4. Activate the hint under the setting (optional). This is a helpful tool as it highlights candies formation that you may have missed out especially color bombs.
    5. Stay calm and be patience. Yes, our mood does affect the game! Take a short break if you're getting frustrated or tired of trying.
    6. Hope for a lucky game board.

    Good luck in passing this level 😊

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  • Freddy_Freddy_ Posts: 67,274 Crushing Legend
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    @materialGirl31 Video for some hints asnd tips on level 704 below, you will pass this like 702 just case of taking your time planning your moves

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