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Level 8486 - Impossible and it must be a bug!

kck1001 Posts: 95 Level 2
edited December 2020 in Support

This level definitely haven't gone through any testing. Once again we become the primary tester for this level. Why it is impossible?

1) it need to collect 20 cherries

2) the bottom hole would only open when you have collected the followings:

a) 13 Liquorice swirl (open the 25 Frosting candies)

b) 27 candy bombs (open the Magic Mixer to generate the remaining Frosting candies)

c) 30 Frosting candies

d) 1 Magic Mixer that generate Frosting (You need to have it to generate enough Frosting before destroying it)

e) 3 Waffles

3) after completing the above, you may have only 2X moves or less left.

4) however, 3 cherries would only drop out when you clear the previous cherries, that means you need to have at least 7 rounds of droppings but each droppings requires at least 9 moves to come to the bottom. With simple calculation, you know it is impossible.

Remark: Does anyone know Johnny Crush? why he can always skip the impossible level and proceed to next level.



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