Level 917


  • fable1707fable1707 Posts: 2,205 Level 5

    Hello @materialGirl31

    Welcome to king's community

    I'll tag player who can give you tips @kiara_wael @Sukanta_Biswas

    or you can search level in YouTube .

    Thank you 😊

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  • FlaringCrystal120FlaringCrystal120 Posts: 3,056 Level 5

    Hi again and welcome @materialGirl31, this is a nightmarishly hard level that requires patience, skill, and luck, below are some tips:

    Create many vertical striped candies to break all the liquorice shell. You need about 12 vertical striped candies to break all of them. A colour bomb + colour bomb combination can degrade all of the liquorice shell by one layer. If you do so before clearing liquorice shells, the outcome may stack together and be able to degrade the remaining ones. If there is a single colour bomb stuck between the ingredient and the exit, use a striped candy to deal with it.

    If this video does not help please check HERE.

    Hope this helps, happy crushing.

  • coachkencoachken Posts: 1 Newbie

    How come my level 917 only has 26 moves and all I read says 50 moves?

  • TimhungTimhung Posts: 1,477 Level 5

    Hey, welcome.

    917 is really 50 moves.

    Did you try to restart the game.

    It may also a selective version for some of the players.

    Play Candy Crush Saga together! Share your ideas in the community!😊

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  • materialGirl31materialGirl31 Posts: 146 Level 2

    50 moves on level 917 is right moves i passed it with boosters lollipop hammer helped alot

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