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Comments about the new levels (8586-8630)

Timhung Posts: 1,483 Level 5

The levels this week are horrible...

I rarely use boosters. However, this week let me use 4 ufos, some switches, and hammers (not more than five).

I used 4.5 hours to handle all levels.

I like some of the levels but some levels are really hard and one level is ridiculous. The first episode this week is the hardest.


A. Color bomb + color bomb start

  • 8613 cannot use this combination until the frog is fed.

B. About some hard levels

  • In my opinion,
  • 8591 (due to waffle)
  • 8595 (magic mixer needs some time to clear)
  • 8626 (ridiculous, I don't think this level has been tested. Dark chocolate and licorice swirl are hard to collect)

C. Some of my favorite levels

  • 8621, yellow wrapped candies are tasty
  • 8629, you need strategies to play it, quite interesting.
  • 8630 a beautiful layout
  • and more...

Plus, this week is a sugar coat week...

A lot of sugar coats and sugar coat orders (yummy?)



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