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Candy Crush Royalty Kingdom

Rhonda_P_Kinchen Posts: 86 Pro Player 👑


I hope it's ok to post this here...

I am looking for help with the new "Candy Crush Royalty Kingdom"

I tried to search for posts on CC Royalty Kingdom but I did not come up with any exact results on this topic.

So, I need help.

When the Royalty Kingdom invite first popped up in my game I just signed into it with my Facebook account...not realizing at the time that my email for Facebook & my email for this Community (King Community/CCS) are different email accounts. Is there anyway I can change them to be the same email? It would just be easier for me to have the same email account on everything trlated to CCS/King.

Also, I usually buy boosters & gold bars in the Google Play Store, I get points when I do it that way..I also see that if boosters are purchased through the new CCS Royalty Kingdom we will receive points. My question on this is..has anyone purchased boosters through the Royalty Kingdom? If so, do you think it's more beneficial to buy boosters/gold bars there or to continue using the Google Play Store?

Thanks in advance!!

Rhonda K.🍭


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