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Can someone help me?

Rhonda_P_Kinchen Posts: 86 Pro Player 👑

I sure hope someone can understand what I'm asking

I know that this is where we receive (messages) "lives" from our CCS/FB friends...

But please help me remember what the 🏆 is for..(circled in screenshot posted below). I remember once upon a time...a looonnggg time ago, probably 3-4+ years ago when I first started playing CCS, I would receive boosters or something from friends here (seems like it was a booster for a specific level, probably a level I was stuck on, the booster was only for a specific level). However, I haven't received anything ("extra help" from friends) in years.?

Did this extra feature stop? If so, I'm just curious when & why? And if it has not stopped, how can we send extra help to our CCS/FB friends that are stuck on a level?? I'm sure if this particular feature was stopped, I just missed the memo/post

Thanks in advance!!

Rhonda K


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