Delete multiple request for lives

FirephilFirephil Posts: 1 Newbie

Is there a way to delete multiple requests for lives from one person?


  • aijaziqbalaijaziqbal Posts: 7,446 Candy Moderator

    Hi and welcome to the community.

    Unfortunately at the moment there is no such facility available. Right now you may select all and send lives. The person will get only one live. Or you may ignore it. Sometimes the players do try to pile up the lives stock for future use or they are badly stuck on some hard levels.

    If you still want to stop that person and using facebook you can go to settings and turn off notifications but doing that will stop all the players sending you request.


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  • Werner_CichyWerner_Cichy Posts: 26,039 Royal Legend

    You can only delete this person from your friends list on Facebook, but then you will no longer receive any life from them.

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  • Freddy_FalknerFreddy_Falkner Posts: 43,619 Candy Moderator

    @Firephil Hi and welcome, If you know the person requesting from you can can delete from you Facebook friends or you can delete from you friends list on

    If you do not know this person then unfortunately there is no way of deleting the person. All you can do is choose to except all and send and they only get one life, you will normally find when they realize this they may stop asking for so many. just choose to ignore them and just send in your own time or you can stop all facebook notifications, this will stop all the notifications for lives.

    Thank you

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