Glitching in game

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Ive been playing candy crush for year ever since it came out in 2012 i stared playing candy crush in may 2013. But anyways i have been having so many issues with my game lately. 1 im not able to see all my friends in the game i can't see all my friends on the map. 2nd the glitches. So i was playing candy cruah saga yesterday and cleared 14 so far this week keep in mind im at level 6096. So all of a sudden its saying i cleared 5000 levels this week when i didn't this is the second time this have happened this is ridiculous when this firist happen it was on jauuray 7. Before thta happened i was on level 5,758. It was shown the same thing 5000 levels. Clear this is getting so aggravating. Its to the point i don't want to play anymore. Before my highscore level got all messed up my highscore was 425 now its 5024, is there any way i can get my progress back then when that glitch happen my friends see that. Pretty embarrassing if you as me im not that good to 5000 plus levels. I've contacted king for this matter that wasn't NO help at all. Seocd time this have happen im on my right level . i have screenshots of this to

This is one of many picute i have in my camera roll someone please help me.


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