❤️🎈 Valentine's Day celebration!



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    Sweet Love is "Papa Bear!"

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    Sweet love is papa bear!

    Not to be confused with Papa Pear (the game that's barely working online at the moment)...

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    My Sweet L♡VE is the in who holds the key to Heart, Her Name is Keysha. We have a Min-Pin named Obie that is like our kid, he's the SWEETEST Puppy thats ever been. They both help me cure my sweet tooth. Happy Valentines Day Keysha and Obie I L♡VE YOU!!!

  • Mad81Mad81 Posts: 50 Level 2

    Thank you @Crazy Cat Lad

    My sweet love is my family and even sweeter love is chocolate.

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    My sweet love is my family ❤️

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    My family and fur babies are my Valentine's. This was a picture of my dog that passed away this fall and is first Valentine's day without her in 8 uears. She was a terrific dog and deaerly missed 💔

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    I’m pretty sure this is my first post on here! I could be wrong as I joined a loooooong time ago. Anyway, I luv my family even though they won’t play candy crush and send me lives! I’m always pestering my husband and our kids for candy crush lives 😂

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    Thanks all of you for participating in the celebration of love!

    Valentine's Day 2021 is now over, but before we move on, please let us know which of the Valentine's events in the game was your favourite. Head over to the poll HERE!

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