FB account and King account are sliding together without me asking for any syncing

GizmoBossLadyGizmoBossLady Posts: 14 Level 2

Created a King account to see what it was about.

Logged out of FB account before logging into King account on Samsung S10 and vice versa.

Accounts are still merging without me asking for it.

King picture is now on FB player.

Had to log out King 3 times on the phone before it accepted it last time.

Is the lesson that you should not have more than one player on a phone?

Also lost benefits on my original account and got 10 bars instead of 20 for the race.

Which means I lost 20 because next race only gave 10 because it was not a consecutive win.

What could I have done to avoid this, without not creating a King account?

How can I get my old setup back?

How do I get my FB profilepicture to show when I am logged in via FB?

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  • GizmoBossLadyGizmoBossLady Posts: 14 Level 2

    Back to normal view after 5 logouts and 13 restarts. :/

  • Freddy_FalknerFreddy_Falkner Posts: 44,157 Sweet Legend

    @GizmoBossLady Hi and welcome, When a Facebook account and king account become merger the Facebook account always overwrites the king account. Are you saying you have managed to seperate these again as i believe this was impossible

    Thank you

  • GizmoBossLadyGizmoBossLady Posts: 14 Level 2

    Hi Freddy

    I never merged.

    I intentionally tried to just log in and out of 2 accounts on one phone. King and FB.

    The FB is almost back to normal, but King unfortunately did adopt the level etc. that I was on FB.

    I really want a King account that I can take from level 1 and up on a device that I am already playing CandyCrush on.

    Can you reset yourself to 1? :)

  • Freddy_FalknerFreddy_Falkner Posts: 44,157 Sweet Legend

    @GizmoBossLady Hi, it never happens intentionally it just happens and the facebook account overwrites the king account. does not happen everytime but it can and does sometimes

    You would need to set up another king account and you could then do this from level 1 and even if you wanted your levels restored you will still need to create a new king account to get the levels manually restored by customer support. but again you run the risk of this happening if on the same device. easier if it was two king accounts

    Thank you

  • GizmoBossLadyGizmoBossLady Posts: 14 Level 2

    I'm thinking I probably have to delete CandyCrush and Facebook from the device before reinstalling and logging in with a new Kingaccount.

    Then never log in with anything else. :)

    Just to be sure.

    What are some traps people who want to combine accounts can fall into?

    What is the best time to do it and/or the worst.

    Probably not in the middle of a race/contest.

  • Sukanta_BiswasSukanta_Biswas Posts: 19,694 Candy Moderator

    Welcome @GizmoBossLady 😊

    First of all, once the sync between Kingdom and Facebook is complete, there is no way to separate the two accounts. It is better not to log in to multiple game accounts in one game app as there can be various problems besides account merge and booster loss.

    After logging in or logging out of the game app, you will have to wait a while to receive the confirmation message. After receiving the account logout confirmation message, the game app should be restarted before logging in to another account in that app otherwise, if you log in with the new account, the avatar of the previous account may float in front of you.

    There are currently several tests in the episode race and the test group controls when, which race you will get also you can find out from the event menu how many gold bars you are playing episode race for. At different times you can get different Episodes Race and I gave below a few screenshots.

    I hope I was able to provide some clarity for you, and if there is any other question or concern that I could assist you with, please do not hesitate to reach back out to me!

    Have a good day!

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  • GizmoBossLadyGizmoBossLady Posts: 14 Level 2

    I know about the different Race prizes.

    I was on a 20 bar roll.

    3 in a row I think. :)

    I messed it up by logging into a Kingaccount.

    Lesson learned :)

    PS. Can I see the level of people in this forum? Can you see mine?

  • Sukanta_BiswasSukanta_Biswas Posts: 19,694 Candy Moderator
    edited January 29 Accepted Answer

    The community is a fun place, here you can find game related problems and solutions, game-related new or upcoming information, competitions and interactions with different players.

    We do not know at what level you are playing, but our CM can find your game information via your game ID or email.

    The Community account has nothing to do with the game 😊


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