Watch ads for free go’s and boosters

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After I made a purchase some weeks ago I lost all of my options to watch an add for a free booster before starting a level and watching an ad for free moves when losing a level, also lost sweet cinema and the option to watch an ad for an extra life. So everything free basically. I’ve read some replies where it says it’s a ‘test feature’ and to ‘keep playing and they will come back’

my question is, has anyone ever lost the freebies and got them back? Particularly after making a purchase?

thanks 😊


  • Freddy_FalknerFreddy_Falkner Posts: 43,448 Sweet Legend

    @jharber Hi and welcome, Some people like myself have never even had the video ads feature. I have had it in other King games but never in CCS

    Thank you

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    Watch ads for free goes and boosters

    Hey there, der Spieler remembers your previous comment about this; & of course you know about the wheel that came round once every 48:00 being removed for (almost) everyone by now.

    But (about the purple wheel & related goodies on mobile devices) like another player was advised; once you buy, the adverts go bye-bye.

    But if anyone can cite any similar incidences where the feature has been restored after making a purchase within the game (& reassure everyone), feel free to post about them here (come on down).

    So Freddy Typos never had it, but der Spieler has it (on Android); didn't make a purchase (never have, nor will)...

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