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Comments - The levels in this week (8766-8810)

Albert_Heinrich Posts: 2,608 Level 4
edited February 2021 in Discussions

@Spieler_8675309@Timhung@Tzvi_Marcu@Peter_Tornaros, @Origins7_Dale, @Scooterpie, @Glenn1972.

This weeks release started off with a good mix of Levels and does not require a lot of boosters. I used 3 boosters in 2/15 levels and did not require extra moves either. Completed all levels with first try.

Level 8769 (NHL) was quite tricky and required 2 boosters (LH & PS) to complete with 1 move left. The orientation of the special candy drop was opposite to what I required and I had to make my own luck with the Waffles bottom right.

Level 8777 was quite enjoyable and 8779 was very tricky for me. The 3 Jellies at the bottom are destroyed automatically with 6 Yellow candy drops. The licorice fence is impenetrable, so it has to be destroyed by the Yellow candies. For some reason on of jellies was not destroyed and with 25 moves left, that was the only one one the board and I had to resort to a LH to destroy it.

The rest of the levels was relatively easy



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