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Level 647

Just aggravated at this point at Level 647, I have read the Wiki and several video's and yet I have had no success on this level. I got 3 of the combo's... once. Sometimes I get none. I was making progress prior to this and was hoping to pick up some nice boosters like during the first round. A day and a half stuck on this level making lots of wrapped candies just cant get the timing with the candy bombs. Anyone got the solution?


  • FlaringCrystal120FlaringCrystal120 Posts: 3,056 Level 5

    Hello and welcome, focus first on clearing the frosting, then carefully clear the chocolate to avoid the color bombs on the bottom being detonated. If you can, make an early color bomb + striped candy combination, so most of the frosting and chocolate will be destroyed. Try your best to make a striped or wrapped candy next to the color bomb, and combine it. It is better to combine it with a wrapped since it will remove two colors, making it easier to make a new color bomb. Combining with a striped candy can also be helpful but be careful because there is a chance that striped candies will detonate the other color bomb. Take note that the new effect of wrapped + color bomb does not remove two candy colors and instead makes wrapped candies. This part requires luck: just make color bombs and combine them with special candies.

    Try this video, as it have five colors:

  • hechicerillahechicerilla Posts: 10,355 Legend

    Hello and welcome to the sweet King Community.

    I hope you were able to beat this level, otherwise don't hesitate to ask if you need help.

    We will be here for anything you need.

    Thanks and keep enjoying

  • brent_doolinbrent_doolin Posts: 181 Level 3

    @hechircerilla I managed to finally crush this level and move up significantly since then. Sometimes it seems helpless when you get stuck sometimes.

  • FlaringCrystal120FlaringCrystal120 Posts: 3,056 Level 5

    Congratulations on passing it, some levels just require a high amount of luck. You might want to keep the following tips in case you get stuck on a level again.

    1. Take your time and focus on the board on any type of level, whether it is moves or jelly or ingredients or any other. Confirm before making a move. You might think there are no good moves to make occasionally, but you might actually miss a chance to create color bombs. In addition, it is a good idea to look at the number of moves you have left, because you might attempt to use a strategy that takes more moves, or a harder strategy that takes less moves.
    2. It is recommended to play from the bottom of the board to create cascades and specials. However, do not take this in all levels. This strategy is quite helpful in moves and jelly levels, and some ingredient levels, but there are a few levels where the ingredient exit is located at the top of the board, and you need to use a conveyer belt to move them to the top. This is when cascades and specials will actually ruin gameplay (example: Level 1274). It is better to play from the top of the board.
    3. To break blockers, try to create special candy and combinations. A color bomb + color bomb combination clears the entire board, but in some situations, you might find a color bomb + wrapped candy combo more helpful, as they usually give you more points. In levels that ask you for combo orders, however, do the order combination.
    4. Many times you might find the hint annoying, and sometimes they might mislead you, but it is still a good idea to activate it, because you might miss some important moves or waste them on unneeded special candy.
    5. If you are frustrated, take a short break.
    6. Use your boosters carefully. In some levels, one wrong time to use boosters can have a big impact on gameplay. Use boosters only when you need to. Sometimes, using a booster will give you a 33% chance of winning. For example, you have only two moves left and two jellies in a place you can't reach. You might use a lollipop hammer to increase the chance of a color bomb formation, and on the last move you will activate the color bomb and clear the remaining jellies. It is worth a try. A starter coconut wheel is usually outstanding in an ingredients level whereas fish booster is a big help in clearing jelly levels as they have to be used in beginning of levels. They are especially helpful in levels with hard-to-reach jelly.
    7. Pay attention to tutorials. In some levels where a new advanced concept is introduced, there is a tutorial, and you should pay attention to it so you will understand it better.
    8. Choose only one strategy in one play. If you are using a strategy in a level and suddenly decide to switch to another one, there is a higher chance of loss.
    9. Do not always rely on chance boosters. Example: You have only 1 jelly left that cannot be cleared, only 1 move left. Usually, if you use a UFO, it will be cleared, but occasionally, this might not be the case. The UFO might blast a useless corner!
    10. Always plan making moves involving threats, such as blockers. If you are in the middle of a strategy and chocolate unexpectedly eats a special candy, it might make you lose. Always expect something like this to happen; do not rely on your luck.

  • Gamer5687Gamer5687 Posts: 240 Level 3

    @brent_doolin watch out Lv. 649, it’s also a tough one! Lol

  • JohnPhilip567JohnPhilip567 Posts: 1 Newbie

    Hi guys I'm new here please send me a friend request 😊😀

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