Level 8888

Michael-6Michael-6 Posts: 277 Level 3

This level needs some tweaking. Unless you are fortunate to arrive at it with all boosters, its nearly impossible to get enough liquorice. To achieve the target in the current setup, you require the board to generate massive amounts of wrappers to clear the icing quickly. Otherwise you have no chance. Would also suggest removing the rainbow swirls, as again, unless you get lucky where the game hands you wrappers like in the youtube video, you can waste up to 10 moves simply getting clearing this layer alone.


  • TimhungTimhung Posts: 1,462 Level 5
    edited February 18

    right. However, this level is possible... keep trying...

    I also cannot pass.... good luck

    Johnny's video

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  • Michael-6Michael-6 Posts: 277 Level 3
    edited February 18

    Definitely agree it is passable, but there is definitely a huge amount of fortune required. Look at the video- the game provides Johnny with a wrapper at the start, which it then shuffles for him, blows up whist creating a stripe, the sum of which removes the rainbow swirls, unlocks the key and then provides another stripe to remove the key. All on the first move! Takes me at least 10 moves to get to that stage.

    I would also question when the video was made- it has the old popcorn stylings and the valentines event purple hearts. Its a lot less recent than the upload date... perhaps the algorithm has been tweaked since then.

    Edit- got past, finally got a turn where the board created endless wrappers and colour bombs.

  • Johnny_CrushJohnny_Crush Posts: 171 Level 3

    Michael, I'm pretty sure you know that not all players have the same features. The popcorn changed for many people, but not for all and I'm part of a restricted group that still has popcorn.

    Second, the video was made a few days ago. that's why I had purple hearts, but "the algorithm" hasn't been tweaked yet.

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