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Twilight Games 🔥 Week II : Pass levels and collect Fireflies! 🔥



  • MataiceAlison
    MataiceAlison Posts: 313 Level 4

    I was in position two with 54 gold crowns out of the 165 levels I completed that week,

    Sorry I can't share the screenshot because I just updated the game be getting one

  • sauren
    sauren Posts: 222 Level 3

    I didn't get Twilight Games. Will everyone be getting Twilight Games II?

  • Fakhruddin-2
    Fakhruddin-2 Posts: 190 Level 3

    Players who are on top will not be able to contest with the players on lower levels. If you want to continue with new contests don’t remove dexter contest. This is just to save ufo’s to be distributed among 30 players instead of ten players in dexter

  • King_Neal
    King_Neal Posts: 1,474 Level 4
    edited February 2021

    Thanks for tagging me @Diamond Lim

    Greetings @Pounawea

    Like some others who posted earlier, I only have 45 levels to try to compete in this contest since I’m at the top of the map. It’s fine with me, that’s usually enough levels to do fairly well, just not enough if you want to win.

    If I’m going to complain a little, it’s that the levels just seem to be getting harder and harder the last several episodes. Like I mentioned in another post, once they reach a certain difficulty, the fun and challenge of the levels sort of gets lost and one either needs to buy boosters and lives, or just keep playing and hope for a lucky board. I realize there is always an element of luck/randomness involved, but the game is better when there is also thought, planning and strategy involved as well. Some of the latest levels are just plain frustrating, with that “this is impossible” feeling. There is almost a sense of disbelief when one finally passes one of these levels, leaving me wondering what I did to finally pass it. Either that, or I have to use a lot (usually all) of my hard to win boosters like UFO’s to finish them.

    I hope the regular levels never get to be like the ones in the Star Tournament. Some of those levels are truly impossible without many boosters, and many of those levels I’ve played countless times without ever coming even close to completing them!

    Just throwing out my thoughts on the game and what makes it fun, or not so fun for me.

  • Pounawea
    Pounawea Posts: 4,514 Community Manager

    Dear community,

    Today we welcome the second week of the Twilight Games.

    🔥 Week II: Pass levels and collect Fireflies!

    • 🔥 Collect Fireflies & light up the leaderboard for sweet boosters 🔥
    • 🗓 Dates: Wednesday, Feb 24th at 3:00 ET (9:00 CET) – Monday, March 1st at 3:00 ET (9:00 CET)
    • 👑👑 Objective: pass new levels, regardless of the stars and number of tries we need to complete the new level.
    • Reach the top 10 to claim delicious rewards at the end of Week II of Twilight Games

    ➡️➡️ Remember to share your daily progress on your Leaderboard with the community and celebrate your progress.

    Happy Twilight Games everyone. 🍬 🍬

  • Pounawea
    Pounawea Posts: 4,514 Community Manager
    edited February 2021

    Good luck everyone and let's catch some Fireflies!

  • Tzvi_Marcu
    Tzvi_Marcu Posts: 2,473 Level 5


    It start and this week it's good to people in lower levels that can pass many new levels till Monday.

  • Pounawea
    Pounawea Posts: 4,514 Community Manager

    Hello Candy Crushers,

    ➡️➡️ Remember to share your daily progress on your Leaderboard with the community and celebrate your progress.

    We can now find an easy way to access our forums in the game: a "Visit Community" button within the Twilight Games Leaderboards 🥳

    Happy Twilight Games everyone!! 🍬 🍬

    Click 👉 HERE  👈 and go back to your Candy Map! 

  • arwen777
    arwen777 Posts: 1,394 Level 5

    This is great news @Pounawea! I was looking forward to a direct link to the community! As for my progress, I'm currently topping the leaderboard with 15 fireflies! Hope I can continue like this in the remaining days of the event!

  • Priyacandy
    Priyacandy Posts: 797 Level 3

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