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lhalhalhalha Posts: 1,087 Level 5

I don't have the Episode Race event and Win streak (Candy necklace give bag of boosters) in my game. Why?


  • kiara_waelkiara_wael Posts: 40,851 Candy Moderator

    Hi and Welcome to our Community

    Make sure update your App .

    The Event or Challenges is in the Test Group so we cannot say for sure that you will always find this feature.

    The Fun Event menu returns when the game is regular. Probably no event is currently active for you so the menu is not available.

    Keep playing the game, your fun event menu will return.

    and please check this page

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  • Freddy_Freddy_ Posts: 51,870 Sweet Legend

    @lhalha Hi Again, Due to the amount of people that have lost the candy necklace think this may be and issue in the game. Hopefully we should all see this return soon

  • Werner_CichyWerner_Cichy Posts: 26,570 Crushing Legend

    Unfortunately, everything has disappeared for me too. King is testing everything again.

         The last completed Levels              

         Candy Crush Saga , Level 9440
         Candy Crush Friends Saga , Level 4360
         Candy Crush Soda Saga , Level 4708
     Papa Pear Saga , Level 108
         Diamond Diaries Saga , Level 100
         Pet Rescue Saga , Level 45
         Blossom Blast Saga , Level 25 
         Bubble Witch 3 Saga , Level 19 
         Farm Heroes Saga, Level 162


  • FlaringCrystal120FlaringCrystal120 Posts: 3,056 Level 5

    Hello and welcome to the community.

    The episode race is a test feature which means that it is not guaranteed to always be in your game. It is available to only a fraction of all players, or it might be missing due to temporary issues, but will return to your game soon. To see if it works, Check App update> Sign out game> Restart device and wait 5 minutes after power on> Open game and sign in. Please clear the cache if you are using a browser. However, even if doesn't, you'll get the reward soon.

    The win streak has been missing for a while but will also return too, otherwise it is a test feature.

  • Mr_PeelyMr_Peely Posts: 3,334 Level 5

    Hi @lhalha

    Welcome to the Community!

    Please follow these troubleshooting options:

    Make sure update your App, Clear Cache from your Game try to Log out, restart your phone wait for a few minutes restart your phone back and Log back in to the Game.

    The Event or Challenges is in the Test Group so we cannot say for sure that you will always find this feature.

    Have a great day!

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