Level 8944

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Think some tweaking is needed with this level- it is almost impossible to clear all the frosting in the bottom right.

Yes, i know there is a video out there showing it can be done, but you need an insane amount of luck, from the board creating colour bombs regularly, and the stripe cannons dropping the right combination of stripes. In reality, this almost never happens.

Would suggest the level of frosting is reduced and/or the cannons dispense stripes more frequently. If this could be fed back to the developers it would be much appreciated!


  • Freddy_Freddy_ Posts: 52,244 Sweet Legend

    @Michael-6 Hi Again. We can pass your feedback on to the CM tomorrow, but know a few in the community have passed this level. So not sure if anything could be done unless the game studio decides to tweak the level

    thank you

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    You are at level 8944 and you know that higher levels will continue to get hard to harder. This level has to be played according to the stage and it is not certain that you can pass a level without a booster in every attempt. We have not received any complaints about this level before and also to me it is a normal level.

    We would also like to inform you that Candy Crush Saga is a skill game in which the outcome depends on your skills and the strategies you adopt. However, we will send your feedback about the level to our team.


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  • Michael-6Michael-6 Posts: 277 Level 3
    edited February 28

    I respectfully disagree that there is any skill involved in a level such as this one, you just have to wait until the game lets you past. unless there is a specific move involved which causes the game to create a colour bomb all on its own? I'd be very happy to hear what that skill is.

    Remember- a skill game has a solution every time, such as a sudoku puzzle. Hand on heart, can every single level in this be passed every time, without boosters? If not, it is not a skill game.

  • [Deleted User][Deleted User] Posts: 0 Level 3

    Even I agree !! Now a days recent levels no fun to play plus no skill needed .. only wait for that lucky board which creates automatically special combos itself 🙄🙄🙄.. and it is just a waste of time and frustrated player uses booster ..

    I played this level for many hours N used one lollipop to clear last jelly .. i didnt complain only coz they have version of no boosters video !! But sometimes i myself ask is it worth playing candy crush ??

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