Level 8969 (Win10)

steineinsteinein Posts: 95 Level 2

There are not enough waffles on the board at the start to release the last key. This one needs to be fixed.

4 layer - 11 - = 44 waffles

3 layer - 8 - 24 waffles

2 layer - 6 = 12 waffles

total = 80 waffles

To release the last key 100 waffles are needed.


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  • luckystrikes2luckystrikes2 Posts: 4 Newbie

    For me also under Windows10. Already 30 live and boot away. Please fix that, thank you.

  • LlogarmaLlogarma Posts: 4 Newbie

    In the last 3 weeks I have spent more time in the Community reporting-reading bugs than playing Candy Crush, either due to server problems or impossible levels. What happen?

    In 8969 the last key will not open the locks with the last waffles. Thanks.

  • berfberf Posts: 57 Level 3
    edited March 5

    HELP WANTED: Urgently hiring

    We are currently recruiting for a Director of Quality Control. Your main duty will be to establish a beta testing program to ensure that new Candy Crush levels are both playable and enjoyable before being released to the general public each week. Please submit your CSV along with references.

  • LlogarmaLlogarma Posts: 4 Newbie

    Yes, it is urgent, of course. The position is clearly vacant.

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