Why can't I earn gold bars

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Im on level 1200 + and asked a couple weeks ago why I can no longer earn gold bars? Well I was told that it may be a test. So I've not been able to earn any and have been stuck on 2 bars! Also why doesn't the cinnima allow you to try to win boosters? Also when you spin the wheel now it's sooo obvious that they stop it where they want to! Very frustrating!😣

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    @kathytaylor Hi and welcome,. There is no definite what is happening with the fast race as there is not much information on this. But take a look at community contest area as there are always chances to win gold bars for your game.

    Sweet cinema is a test feature so if you have not got it, then you are not in the group for that test and they are randomly selected groups

    Spin wheel is also totally random i have the same theory i use and normally get a lollipop hammer or a hand switch, does not work everytime, but does most so i do think this is just luck of the draw

    Thank you

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