Level 2391

Evan_LeiEvan_Lei Posts: 286 Level 3

This level is fully impossible. With at least 50 tries, 22 moves and 5 colors is not enough to clear all 14 chocolate. The bottom board never spawn candies. I will contact the level design about this level.


  • FlaringCrystal120FlaringCrystal120 Posts: 3,056 Level 5

    Hello and welcome to the community.

    The chocolate is all hidden under the locked cells along the sides and bottom of the board so your first job is to collect the keys to unlock the chocolate. Once the chocolate is unlocked you can use stripes or stripe/wrap combos to collect it. There are 5 colors on the board so it can sometimes be difficult to make the special candies, but striped candies occur more often. Color bombs are helpful to collect the keys, but won't really help much with the chocolate unless you switch them with a stripe. A double color bomb combo will work.

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  • Freddy_Freddy_ Posts: 49,207 Sweet Legend

    @Evan_Lei Hi and welcome, i have just tried this level and can not find any issues with it, Not an easy level and a lucky board helps but it is possible. If you can get a stripped wrapped candy combo in right place you can take out keys pretty quickly giving you time to collect the chocolate order. Video below no boosters used should give you some hints and tips., dont use the special candies up to quickly try to aim for combos

  • Evan_LeiEvan_Lei Posts: 286 Level 3

    Tried some wrapped + striped or two, or color bomb + striped candy. Unfortunately, there were between two to four chocolate bars left when I run out of moves.

  • Freddy_Freddy_ Posts: 49,207 Sweet Legend

    @Evan_Lei Your not far off then and you will pas the level, just going to take a bit of patience and maybe that lucky board

  • FlaringCrystal120FlaringCrystal120 Posts: 3,056 Level 5

    Hello again, this is one of the hard levels that can require many tries. Please take your time and focus on the board. Study the game board before and throughout the game. Activate the hint under the setting. This is a helpful tool as it highlights candies formation that you may have missed out especially color bombs. Finally, please stay calm and be patient. Luck is required.

  • Evan_LeiEvan_Lei Posts: 286 Level 3

    I tried two color bomb combinations, but the key in the center slides to the left and it doesn't affect the combination effect. I was shocked that I did this at 6 moves left and candy colors is the only problem.

    I contacted the level design if I reached 100 or more tries. The next post is a photoshopped level image that lets candies spawn in the bottom board.

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