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  • Marina_ZakonMarina_Zakon Posts: 41 Level 2

    @Johnny_Crush @Albert_Heinrich @Timhung @LindQ as much as I enjoy playing CCS could you please stop tagging me? I am getting an email every several minutes and it's a bit too much. Thank you for understanding!

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  • John_58011John_58011 Posts: 126 Level 3

    There is a bad level. Hard to get the licorice order, with one UFO already to help and one LH. Also helping but not enough is PGB of Lucky Candy which got several licorice. With a striped/wrapped falling luckily on final move, still needed three more LH to clear the level. Got lucky on 9101 final move. Good level 9103 and 9098. In practice, probably need two CB x CB combos to clear the order or an insane number of S/W combos, otherwise too slow to take the licorice whirls tasked.

  • js_sjjs_sj Posts: 6 Level 2

    Just finished the first race using a handful of hammers and a UFO (to save my streak). If you lose your streak it really changes how quickly you're going to get through the levels. I guess I was fortunate to get the tweaked 9088 and didn't find it difficult but also had a good board with 2 color bomb/wrapped candy combo opportunities. Managed a sugar star. Really helps to know the problem levels coming before hand!

  • LindQLindQ Posts: 429 Kingster

    ah, i didnt do it myself, i just adviced the person who did about what the issues were. he made some smaller changes to the board too, i see! i hope the new changes help, we know levels sometimes comes out a bit too hard, but if theyre so hard they're close to impossible without boosters we obviously want to try and correct it as soon as possible 😊

    I work with designing and maintaining levels within Candy Crush Saga. Please feel free to ask me about levels, or tell me your favorites!

  • LindQLindQ Posts: 429 Kingster

    You mention that the good levels are also too easy? Do you judge how much you like levels based on if they're easy or hard? Do you just love easy levels? I'm curious!

    I, myself, love easy levels and when the level almost plays itself, haha, but I know many players prefer challenging levels that means they have to think a bit with every move.

    I work with designing and maintaining levels within Candy Crush Saga. Please feel free to ask me about levels, or tell me your favorites!

  • Johnny_CrushJohnny_Crush Posts: 176 Level 3
    Depends, I usually prefer making my own special candies.

    9088 is a piece of cake now, I had 28 moves left and I played it without boosters.

    9101, 9104, 9108 and 9111 are extremely hard and they must be tweaked.

  • José_SavelkoulJosé_Savelkoul Posts: 118 Level 3

    I've got an idea @LindQ. How about testing the levels yourself before they are released? It could make quite a difference as in less people getting frustrated with the game (or with you guys), don't you think? Something to consider on your end. Isn't it about the quality of the game, the quality of the levels?

    Have a nice evening, and please do stay healthy and safe...

  • John_58011John_58011 Posts: 126 Level 3

    @LindQ I thought feedback was required on hard and easiest levels, so was my feedback accordingly. Maybe I missed something. If there is a difference between ease and like, then elaborate please.

  • rafa140493rafa140493 Posts: 67 Level 2

    @LindQ , @Crazy Cat Lad , @Timhung, @Johnny_Crush may one of you please give me an example of a sniping-type level?

  • Michael-6Michael-6 Posts: 317 Level 3
    edited March 24

    The remainder of the first episode was generally easy enough. Hard to judge 9093 fairly- as if you start with a colour bomb with your winning streak, the fish bobber is unlocked immediately and it is very easy. 9090 and 9094 have the potential to be tricky should they lose a couple of moves. 9094 in particular, you really need to get rid of the mixer as soon as possible.

  • js_sjjs_sj Posts: 6 Level 2

    Finally lost my streak on 9104. For those of you that haven't played this level, the key is getting enough licorice. Stay focused on the top trying to create stripe/wrapped combos. By the time I realized this, it was too late. Also, if you have the special candy booster to start, use it!

  • js_sjjs_sj Posts: 6 Level 2

    Agree that 9108 needs a tweak. If you have UFOs left, you're going to need them here. Unfortunately I do not.

  • LindQLindQ Posts: 429 Kingster

    I absolutely appreciate to hear which levels you find hardest and easiest! However, I would also love to know what leves you liked the best. Was any level extra fun? It's very subjective of course, depending on what type of levels you do like. A level you like the best doesn't necessarily have to be an easy level, you know?

    I work with designing and maintaining levels within Candy Crush Saga. Please feel free to ask me about levels, or tell me your favorites!

  • Albert_HeinrichAlbert_Heinrich Posts: 2,392 Level 4
    edited March 24

    Completed all but one level in my second episode. Levels 9096 - 9099 was fun, enjoyable and entertaining, then 9100 happened. With 12 moves left, I was unable to remove the 2 icing that held the 6 fruit. Without intervention I would not have been able to complete the level. 2XLH did the trick and the level was completed with 2 moves left.

    Sacrificing boosters to keep my Win Streak intact, makes sense. All the pregame boosters come in handy in beating levels without the use of ingame boosters.

    Level 9101 was terrible. Countless boosters to get through a poor board.

    The rest of the levels was quite ok, with the exception of Level 9108. With 3 moves left and no chance of beating the board, UFO and LH was the only option.

    Best levels were 9105 and 9109 - 9110

    Used a few FS's to create CB Combo's at startup.

    Leaving the last level for the morning and catch the daily win for the pregame boosters.

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