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Iphone/King Candy Crush Saga Profile issue

babsblake Posts: 75 Level 3

 I really need some assistance. This is my issue and I am SCARED to progress without assistance. This is what I believe to be true that I can recall from when I started playing Candy Crush Saga: 

I have always used my I Phone to play Candy Crush (current level playing is 2651). All of my levels have saved the progress so I believe at some point I used the connect to facebook option on my phone but not 100% positive. 

I am updating Iphone now to 14.4.2 IOS

I recently joined the king community (maybe three weeks ago) with a different email address than I use for my apple ID and facebook account. 

Around the same time I joined the community I played a few rounds from my PC on king . com game / candycrush and started at level 1 currently when I login to this platform I am on level 11. 

Yesterday I updated the new version of candy crush from the app store.

I also synced my Facebook account on the king platform as mentioned above from Nix66 and this is when I began having problems on my iphone and my information has not synced properly I don't think any levels are being saved.

I do not want to do anything else for fear I am going to lose my fab 5 team and revert back to level 11 and I am currently on 2651. Any troubleshooting ideas to solve my problem and make sure I keep my level and my team? 

My user name on my iphone platform is babsblake

On king platform I THINK it appears to be BABS

That's all I have. Thanks in advance. 



  • Freddy_
    Freddy_ Posts: 68,477 Crushing Legend

    @babsblake Hi and welcome

    Lot of information to try to take in so try to answer as best as possible.

    Firstly your community email is not linked to any games account and if you signed into with the same email as your community. this is why you game would have been at level 1 and not your facebook progress until you synced the progress

    If you then synced your correct facebook ID with the king account your progress should be the same on both devices, using either your king or facebook account.

    Try clearing the cache of your browser , restart your device and log back in to site with your king account game see if this restores your Facebook level. you will then know if you synced you accounts correctly.

    If it does you should have no issues with either device or account being saved. if not go to the candy crush facebook game on PC and sign into this with your Facebook account to see if this has your correct level.

    Let us know what you get after doing this. Also do not worry to much if you do have a major issue as your levels can always be manually restored, only issue any gold or boosters would be lost, but hopefully we can run you through some more steps when have some info from you after doing above.

    we may then be able to advise you on steps for your phone

    Thank you

  • babsblake
    babsblake Posts: 75 Level 3

    @Freddy_ On my phone do you know a way to find out if I signed in with Facebook, Apple or email


  • Freddy_
    Freddy_ Posts: 68,477 Crushing Legend

    @babsblake Hi gain, Try them all should not make a difference, your progress will be on the one, but if you have access to a PC try your accounts on the versions i explained above and you will see which account has your progress, but if you have synced them correctly it should be on your king and facebook account now.

    The only one that is separate is an apple ID as this cannot be synced at present with a king or Facebook account

  • babsblake
    babsblake Posts: 75 Level 3

    @Freddy_ I don't think I did anything special but I am back in the game and everything looks normal again. Thank you for your trouble shooting ideas. I tried all of them but can't tell you which one worked to help others.

  • Freddy_
    Freddy_ Posts: 68,477 Crushing Legend

    @babsblake Hi Again, At least you have you game back up and running which is the main thing

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