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Information for creating a new account

Soda_botteletSoda_bottelet Posts: 232 Level 3
edited April 19 in Discussions

Hello everyone 👋🏼

I make a post for the information for about the identity or passport for 13 years or older will allowed of the create of new accounts. If you want a create of new account than you must a picture of your identity or passport for CMs will be check of your date of birth and your real name. Because I saw for some younger people’s (younger than 13 years) want a create a new account to our Community and possibly make a multiple accounts from the same people. That is not allowed for our Community!

And let's know about that message?


  • AlienscarAlienscar Posts: 3,223 Level 5

    Hello @Soda_bottelet If I understand you correctly you are suggesting that everyone that wants to join this community must provide information to prove that they are old enough to join the site.

    If that is what you are suggesting then I think I can honestly say that will never happen. Most people like to remain as anonymous as they can on the internet, so asking for proof of age would really put people off joining the site.

    I notice you chose a made up Username rather than using your given name when you created your account.

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