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winning streaks

candycrushmorrcandycrushmorr Posts: 4 Newbie

If you are then as you can see in the screenshot the lucky bags only go up to five. When you win more than five levels the number is shown in the rectangular box above the lucky bags. The bags do not increase in number after you have reached five.

So in your case the fifth lucky bag would be highlighted, but the number in the rectangular box would say "win streak: 12"

The bags only show you what your reward is for winning. So after winning five times in a row you get three moves, colour bomb, striped/wrapped candy. The rewards don't change after the fifth win, so the bag does not need to change.

Hope that makes sense.

ok, that helps a little so what I am saying is I never get the rewards after winning streak 5 then it resets.


  • rajdeeptbrajdeeptb Posts: 4,321 Level 5

    Hi dear Welcome to our community

    Yes You Are Right But This Feature Is Designed As It Is. May Be There Will Be More Rewards In Future But Now We All Are Finding Same Rewards.

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  • kiara_waelkiara_wael Posts: 65,566 Candy Moderator
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