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Feedback on levels 9396-9440!



  • Jalabin
    Jalabin Posts: 2 Newbie
    edited May 2021

    Some absurdly difficult levels, until reaching 9436, that looks like nearly impossible. @LindQ @Lilaqcould you please review this one?

  • fizaaa
    fizaaa Posts: 38 Level 2

    More infuriating than playing these levels is finding out how many moves they started out with, and how much you're stuck with now. 9430 went from 45 moves to 30. 😒

  • LindQ
    LindQ Posts: 562 Kingster

    It's a tricky one indeed, it's almost as difficult as some of our hardest mid-content levels. It's a bit much, so we'll tweak in down sometime during the day.

  • King_Neal
    King_Neal Posts: 1,622 Level 4

    Hello @LindQ

    You haven’t heard from me for the last three weeks, and I suppose that could be taken as a good thing. The main reason you haven’t heard from me is that the last three weeks (nine episodes from levels 9306-9440) have been better than the previous weeks before level 9306. I’m not saying the levels were easy, but at least I didn’t encounter a level that I thought was basically impossible. I at least came reasonably close to finishing most levels, and I ended up finishing about half the levels with “Super Sugar Crush”, meaning I completed the levels on my last move. I suppose that’s the goal you are aiming for when designing the levels. I did end up using about three UFO’s and maybe 12 hammers on the last three episodes, but at least with the chocolate box coming back and the Bubblegum Troll Saltnado type event, I was able to win some good boosters, plus winning the episode races supplied me with some gold bars to buy extra moves on a few levels where I just needed one or two extra moves to finish. As usual, the Samantha levels were really fun yet challenging, and really gave a good sense of satisfaction when completing them.

    There was just one level that could have been very frustrating, but I just got lucky. I don’t remember the level number, but it had a toffee swirl cannon that kept dropping the swirls on to squares that I needed to clear jelly from. I remember clearing those squares by dumb luck early in the level, which I’m guessing was what you intended because clearing those squares later in the episode was basically impossible. I think the cannons were locked until later in the episode.

    Just keep the difficulty levels no worse, or maybe just a hair easier on the upcoming levels after 9440 and I think you will be just about right.

  • candyujwal
    candyujwal Posts: 2,414 Level 3

    Really amazing set of new levels.. I've cleared all the levels and now I'm looking for the levels starting from 9441..


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