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AjayhegdeAjayhegde Posts: 1 Newbie

Candy crush is not evenly giving contests and boosters.. I did not even get daily login


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    Hello @Ajayhegde and a very warm welcome to our friendly community. When you say - contests - do you mean things that are available under 'events'? Also when you mention daily login - do you mean the daily calendar or the booster wheel?

    The game developers are always looking for ways to make the game more fun and challenging including creating various events that players get to experience.

    Not everyone gets access to the same events all the times. They are constantly changing the groups of people who get certain events, partially because they are testing them to see how players react to them and also if there are any issues.

    I lost my daily calendar about 6 weeks ago, but I finally had access to the chocolate box for awhile, when I had never had that event before.

    So don't be surprised when you no longer have access to certain events, but hopefully you will get access to other ones that you will find just as fun and rewarding.

    "Sometimes the smallest things take up the most room in your heart." - Winnie the Pooh

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    @Ajayhegde This is quite a difficult subject to discuss. Whilst on the whole you are correct there is nothing that anyone on here can do about it.

    Not only that, but King are very up front about their policy of not letting every player have identical contests and features as you can see below


    Where are my in game challenges?

    Wondering why other players are enjoying our special challenges and you don’t?

    Would you like to play our Fun-tastic challenges but they do not show up in your game?

    Asking yourself why you were able to play them last week and now not anymore?

    Worry not. We don’t want to exclude anyone from trying our special challenges!

    Actually, we’d like to reveal some behind-the-scenes secrets which will help you to understand a little bit more about our games.

    We would like to stress how important it is for us that you get the best gaming experience!

    To achieve this, we often need to test new features and consider possible changes to the games.

    In fact, the Event feature is a delicate testing phase which is available to randomly selected players only. To ensure the functionality of the feature is stable before we roll it out to everyone, a group of players is chosen to trial the new in-game concepts, design and implementation. Based on their reaction, we decide whether the change is what we want to adopt or not.

    The reason why only a limited percentage of players is entertained by these special and amazing events is that we want to reduce any negative impact on our targets, should there be a fault or bug in the games.

    This is a very relevant part of the release process which is not intended to alienate you or any player.

    It’s important to stay positive in these circumstances… We only want to offer you the best gaming experience!


    So even though I tend to agree with you about how uneven this makes things it is just the way things are.

  • HardiljitHardiljit Posts: 6 Level 2

    Try with internet, you will get

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