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Feedback on levels 9486-9545!



  • Michael-6
    Michael-6 Posts: 987 Level 3
    edited May 2021

    Finished the fourth episode, thought this was the best balanced of the lot. Had my favourite level of the week- 9537- can't beat a level with a lot of bubblegum.

    A couple of thoughts- an unwelcome appearance of several levels this week which were stupidly hard and relied heavily on the board creating endless boosters for you. I think they did get tweaked to be less stupid thought.

    Also- the fish. To me the booster seemed to perform better the last few weeks, but this week it was back to the bad old days. One level i got a fish at the start, sat through all 40 moves before the game created three after my final move. Completely pointless! Please improve this booster.

    Congratulations to both @Spieler_8675309 and @Albert_Heinrich for getting at least one episode race... it's been missing from my game for so long it must have caught a serious dose of covid.

  • Albert_Heinrich
    Albert_Heinrich Posts: 2,619 Level 4

    Watch out for them CRYPTO Coins @Michael-6, it will appear like magic.

    You're right about them fish too. They have been schooled for the last few episodes, but looks like they were truant and forgot everything they were taught.

    Forgot about that Bubble Gum level. At one point, I thought an "OOPS" was about to appear at the rate of spawning.

    Congrats for completing, now the long wait. At least there is the Garden Thing to keep ourselves amused.

  • santo_chris97
    santo_chris97 Posts: 1,494 Level 4
    edited May 2021

    I played level 9524 but luckily the board didn't make infinite cascade which took longer time to end (only about 4-5 minutes). Some other crushers (not all) said that there's a big chance to make infinite cascade on the game board.

    Be careful for level 9539, which causes major infinite cascade and you have no options to end the cascade, except you quit the level and lose your win streak.

    REVIEW level 9539 now!

  • John_58011
    John_58011 Posts: 212 Level 3
    1. Level 9526 caught my eye, with the Magic Mixer spawning striped candy Bon-Bon blitz. Is random spawning, and the choice of special level.
    2. Did not complete the 60 levels non-stop, but about 75 minutes per episode, none stuck, no level failures so near to 5 hours in total.
    3. 9524, original version is very enjoyable to play, discounting the long ending sometimes. Is fun with so many fishes. Just play it again, and have a break or cup of coffee while wait for Sugar Crush.

    Rest of feedback : One UFO called upon in the entire four-episode release. And it was not on level 9543, as purposely waited until I heard news of it being revised. The UFO was used on level 9541, which is in my view a hard level. The board layout and the position and amount of chocolate factories points the level towards the lottery region. Easy to get the fish cannons blocked off by chocolate - which happened in my case. Luckily, the jellies were cleared in the upper board : the UFO was used to target the chocolate at the bottom, which is hard to get, and without the UFO was out of control.

    Third episode was easy and mostly fun....even if Samantha was absent that episode. Final episode quite challenging. Beat level 9508 without any IGB. Hard level of the episode was 9510 with a lot of popcorn once the order locks and Sour Skulls were taken, which did take a lot of moves. No complaints, have to expect hard levels, so a good release. Most levels can map a strategy by looking at special candy cannons,, level tasks, and other things before playing a first move.

    Only two levels did I use one IGB to bring two Color Bombs together. Easy Samantha level to have as final level.

  • Scooterpie
    Scooterpie Posts: 6,011 Level 5

    4 episodes should not make any difference in making the race come up? Of course not. Stayed the course. Played one episode each day for 4 days. Got 4 episode races. Made sure not to start the new episode for the day prior to what I believe I have figured out to be the bewitching hour.

    Now the new levels for each week are not released at the same time every week. But I believe the timing of when the episode race starts stays consistent and does not change. The episode race does not necessarily start at the same time as when the levels new are released. Do not start the new levels before the bewitching hour begins. Will result in "No episode race for you!" In my trial and error process I also purposely tried to mess up getting the race. There is at least another quirk too. Now I be bored with this. I can only have so much patience. On to a new quest I have spied to try and figure it out.

    Did not have the cascading problem with level 9524. It ended in about a minute after finishing the level.

    This week's level were fun to me. Prefer 45 levels instead of the 60. When my husband and I do road trips we share a laptop. Conflicting! Oh Yeah! CCS verses GunBroker!

  • Andres-2
    Andres-2 Posts: 4,422 Level 5

    Hi @LindQ From Friday I will start the new levels for mobile devices waiting for comments if they have been modified and also have free time.

  • David_Lewis
    David_Lewis Posts: 130 Level 3

    9520 ,stuck on this all day. Only video of this on YouTube in the last da was fluked,not two weeks ago when every level is easy before you ruin them and make everyone come here to complain because they are near impossible .

    How do you call this fun??????

  • LindQ
    LindQ Posts: 562 Kingster

    We're already working on pushing out a fix for this level, since it is a bit too difficult I agree! Hope that will help 😊

  • Glenn1972
    Glenn1972 Posts: 16,650 Pro Player 👑
    edited June 2021

    I am enjoying the new levels. I got stuck on a few that I wish I could replay.

    Have enjoyed following these discussions - Great info from everyone!

  • madammeowmeow
    madammeowmeow Posts: 29 Level 2

    So.. level 9490... all the tutorial vids I see have a color bomb drop at the top, plus more moves. This is frustratingly hard. I don't mind fun hard, but this is awful. How is this not labeled nightmare?

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