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Buying Boosters in the game (via Google/Apple app store) vs King Royalty

Rhonda_P_Kinchen Posts: 86 Pro Player 👑

Boy!! Looks like things are a changin!!🙄

For those of you that 'purchase' boosters from time to time, I'm just curious...where do you buy them?

Do you purchase in the game (via the app store) or do you go through King Royalty?

I've noticed that the boosters you can purchase in the game have drastically changed...up until a month or so ago you could pay $19.99 & get boosters for 12 hours, plus gold bars, etc... However, now that option isn't even offered...if you want to buy boosters you're gonna be spending a-lot more money for less (boosters) than what you could get before.

I'm not sure if everyone's game is the same - as in - if there are different "booster packages" for different players, etc.

I have purchased boosters before...but this is ridiculous!! I'm done & I'm pretty sure my wallet will Thank me for it!!

(See the screenshots below... 👇🏼 1st screenshot is of boosters offered through in-app game purchases... 2nd, 3rd & 4th screenshots are boosters offered through the King Royalty program 🤔)


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