Level 39

ExtremeCBExtremeCB Posts: 70 Level 2
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Is this failable in any way besides the quit button? Each jelly needs 3 hits, so there are a total of 30 jelly layers that must be cleared. Assuming jelly fish still hit 3 squares, then 10 jelly fish must be used to clear the level. There are 13 spaces containing regular candy, so after 11 moves, assuming no fish have been hit somehow, there are no more possible moves without hitting a fish since there are 2 regular candies on the screen now. You have 14 moves left at this point, so at the rate that the board is overflowing with fish, 14 new fish must spawn and since there is nowhere for them to go, at least 10 fish must be matched in the remaining 14 moves, clearing the jelly in the process and making this level seemingly impossible to fail.

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