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Jared_ButtryJared_Buttry Posts: 258 Level 3

I’ve searched everywhere on web for 21 turn videos, there’s none. Game developers have gotten very rude on how they changed their levels to more near impossible state. Skillgaming has only done half of the videos he uploads weekly past couple months. Example: He does only 20-25 videos compared to 45 each week


  • kiara_waelkiara_wael Posts: 53,161 Candy Moderator

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    There is a Discussion that asks for feedback on this level, so maybe you could try leaving your feedback there. Here is the link.

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    Hi @Jared_Buttry, kiara is right there are separate feedback discussions for all of the latest levels. If you post in the Discussion that is pertinent to the level you are having issues with then you are more likely to get an overall picture of how bad your level is. Also you will probably see a reply from Kingster LindQ.

    The Discussion for your level though is linked below and is not the one indicated by Kiara_wael

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