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Add a friend in Candy Crush Saga

landsagerlandsager Posts: 2 Newbie

How can I add a friend in Candy crush saga using my mobile


  • kiara_waelkiara_wael Posts: 86,833 Candy Moderator

    Hi and Welcome to our Community

    If you play on Facebook you can add friends that play game or you can join Group Facebook there a lot active player

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  • landsagerlandsager Posts: 2 Newbie

    I can’t find a spot on my telephone that permits me to request a friend. Does anyone know where on the mobile app you can locate it?

  • AlienscarAlienscar Posts: 5,517 Level 5

    I think if you play on mobile your friends are limited to the group of people that are randomly assigned to you.

    To add friends you need to login to King.com on a PC and use your friends email addresses to add them to your game. Here is some info from the Help Center.

    Players in game

    The players that show up in high score lists and on the maps inside the game are other people like you. When you sign up and start to play our games on King.com you get assigned to a group of other players, these you can compete and collaborate with, if they stop playing we will make sure that you get new players assigned to your group.

    Adding friends

    Adding friends allows you to play together with them across all king games. You can add or invite a friend by clicking on the friends icon in the sidebar and then entering their email address in the "Add by email" input field. If the email address is registered a friend request will be sent, otherwise a pre-generated email will be delivered to their address with an invitation link.

    You can also scan your Google Contacts to find friends that are already playing King games and add them to your friends.

    Facebook friends

    If you want to play with your Facebook friends you can do so on Facebook.


    Chat is restricted to players on your favorite friends list. To add players to this list either type their email, scan your Google Contacts or click the add button next to their name in the friends section of the side bar.

  • AlienscarAlienscar Posts: 5,517 Level 5

    Hi @Heshan_G The information was from the Help Center, so I can't share a screenshot because I play on an Android tablet.

    Have a look at THIS discussion though for more information and pictures.

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