Regretting Season Pass purchase

nren95nren95 Posts: 2 Newbie

Season pass has always been, pass 5 levels and win the prizes for the next tier. I stay fairly current on levels so I’m always doing the math, making sure I have enough levels to win before I purchase. Midway through season pass, the requirements DOUBLED to 10 levels per tier. And I have no more levels to play, I’m at the end of the game. To top it off, the gold bars to purchase the rewards jumped up to 30 from 10. I have four tiers left to win and no games to play. Had this remained at 5 levels, I would have collected all the items. Please take it back to 5 to complete OR engineer the game to do the math based on the levels you have left when you buy the pass. Otherwise, you’re taking money for things we cannot earn. Until I know this is remedied, I won’t be spending any more money.


  • GoldenswordzGoldenswordz Posts: 182 Level 3

    Doesn't the star tournament count towards levels? I remember it doing so.

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  • nren95nren95 Posts: 2 Newbie

    If they used to, they don’t anymore.

  • ernstblnernstbln Posts: 258 Level 3

    never understood season pass anyway

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