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Feedback on levels 9981 - 10 025



  • Peter_Tornaros
    Peter_Tornaros Posts: 1,819 Level 5
    edited August 2021

    @LindQ @Crazy Cat Lad I have now finished this week's 45 levels. After waiting in anticipation for this week where Level 10,000 would be conquered, all I got was 45 games of disappointment and boredom.

    My only additional comment for this week is that the entire 3 Episodes should be wiped and for those coming behind, 45 new levels created !!!

  • Montrachet
    Montrachet Posts: 42 Level 2

    Let me respond with what will no doubt be the most disappointing second post anyone will ever write. I have managed to avoid commenting on this forum over the circa 7 or 8 years I have played Candy Crush. Mostly because I think it is a great game, and I am happy to take the rough with the smooth when an occasionally horrendous level has appeared. I have no issue with really difficult levels, in fact I positively welcome them, but what I cannot abide are impossible levels that would require an unrealistic level of investment to pass. Level 9900 is one of those, and I will sit this out until it is adjusted, or bail out 10 levels short of the big 10,000 if it doesn't. While I am here, the only other type of level that boils my sweets are the overwhelmingly boring ones. Those where there is very little room for creativity, and you have to just go through the motions with very little options available to you to try a different strategy in your initial moves. Having said all that, a big thank you to 'King' for many years of fun - I even won a prize by finishing in the Top 10 in a Candy Crush-style competition run by Roxio Software about 15 years ago. Does anyone else recall that same first experience of the concept?

  • LindQ
    LindQ Posts: 562 Kingster

    These levels are meant to be harder than normal (but not the hardest levels to date), and will therefore feel like quite a challenge! Especially for Windows players that have had a period of very easy releases it will feel like a big change from normal. We had a lot of players ask for a challenge for 10K. The first level in this challenge (9990, the remake of 1K) is currently a bit harder than we expected, so it will be tweaked down. The rest might follow along, we will see!

    Like I stated before, we are keeping an eye on these levels and you all know by now that difficulty changes over the first days of release, like always. Hope you guys are still enjoying the levels! The rest of the second episode, after 10K, is filled with things that players have been asking about for a long time! More color orders, explosive blockers, Samantha!

    If anyone has issues receiving their rewards I would contact the support 😊

  • Michael-6
    Michael-6 Posts: 987 Level 3
    edited August 2021

    I'm sure it does seem like there is a load of ungrateful moaning, but i think a lot of this arises from what exactly is a challenging level?

    To me, it is one where you have to think about your moves a bit, but come the end of the level, if you haven't made the optimum moves, you won't pass, but also you won't be too far off completing.

    Unfortunately, a lot of the hard levels recently require the board to generate massive cascades of boosters and explosions, something the player has no ability to control. The only challenge is to sit tight and hope you get that lucky board. To me, that isn't a challenge at all. And when you are presented with at least 7 of these in an episode, every episode, it gets a bit dull.

    In the earlier days, you might generally end a hard level requiring one more order, or two more jellies, and there was an incentive to use a booster, or some gold bars, to play on. Nowadays, i get to the end of these challenging levels with 60 jellies still required or 50 items still to collect and there isn't even any point in deciding to play on as you wouldn't complete in the additional 5 moves anyway. (or, in the case of 9990, up to 400 candies to collect!)

    Like i suggest previously, perhaps when making a level harder, do one change and see how it goes. When i was on holiday there, i fell behind the new level releases, and catching up cost me every gold bar i had accumulated. You get your eyes opened as to just how big the changes are to making levels hard. It is too much.

  • John_58011
    John_58011 Posts: 210 Level 3

    Cannot moan too much, like many of the others. @LindQ is entitled to get excited about the approach to 10,000, and overdo things. Just one of those things. Everybody is entitled to make a mistake, and take steps to fix it. Of course they will tweak in time, when they get to it. Happy enough myself I had the inventory to get to level 10,000 now and after that the difficulty was quite normal. Level 10,000 was fun.

    Just an observation, level 9997 is level 8000 in disguise. It just has different colours of candy. But King already buffed up level 8000 to make it harder. That was found out my me about 1 or 2 weeks ago I played the level for the Mr Toffee's Road to 8000 badge elsewhere in the Community, in which a level completed screenshot is required to claim the badge. I played the level on computer and saw it was buffed, and unable to get the level completed screen with no booster use. I think for the sake of other players yet to get to level 8000, please nerf the level to make it as it was before. Milestone levels are meant to be fun, right ? Correct me, it I am wrong.

    Apart from the area 9990 to 9999 a good challenging set, with Samantha seen a few times. Keep up the good work, for 10,000 more.

  • LindQ
    LindQ Posts: 562 Kingster

    Everyone at the office has been super excited about level 10K, and all the celebrations that will come with it! Making levels a bit more challenging than usual is hard, especially since they're going out to our most skilled players first. So sometimes difficulty does need to be adjusted, both ways. Lately we've had levels a bit easier on Windows to gather data, and then try to get them to the right difficulty, but we wanted to make sure you guys got the challenge as well. Of course, we will monitor the levels to make sure they aren't too difficult as always 😊

    @Michael-6 I will take your feedback about hard levels back to the rest of the team, thank you! We do however do small changes, but we do them daily to see the impact. The same level can get 5 tweaks in one week sometimes, so we generally don't do drastic changes all at once unless a level is way too hard. When you're used to the Windows difficulty I definitely understand how things feel different, but episodes are on average actually easier now than they were three-four years ago, even on mobile.

  • Peter_Tornaros
    Peter_Tornaros Posts: 1,819 Level 5

    @LindQ I meant to mention I enjoyed Level 10,000. Hopefully the complaints made here are taken as a positive as you are putting the levels out to the top players to get feedback. I, like @John_58011 had the inventory to get through the 45 levels, although the boosters used was way above my usual average. Like @Michael-6 I find the continuous cascades and explosions totally boring as they take any skill right out of the game. Also Sour Skulls and Rainbow Rapid levels are usually to rigid in design and therefore very boring. I love the levels with plenty of color, but the abovementioned cascades take the fun right out of it.

    Hopefully, next week, we will be on this forum extolling the virtues of the newly released levels.

  • Albert_Heinrich
    Albert_Heinrich Posts: 2,608 Level 4

    Level 9990 is 100% doable. I completed it with minimal effort.

    All I needed was 2 x UFO's, 1 x Party Popper, 3 X LH's, 4 x FS.

    Well done KING, another brilliant level where skill is of paramount importance, That is the skill to determine the order in which to use the boosters.

  • Colin_Kwong
    Colin_Kwong Posts: 32 Level 2

    9990 still not fixed yet!? I am so frustrated for being an unpaid Quality Checker for the Game. This level is definitely a bug level or money grabbing level, feel so sorry for people who spend a lot of boosters or money to getting it through.

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