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Candy Crush Psychiatrist

Tina_Williams-2Tina_Williams-2 Posts: 224 Level 3

Hi, serious question. Are any of you Crushers a psychiatrist by any chance? Why do I continually play a game that makes me so angry I cry. It's not because I lose rounds per day. It's why I lose them. I've said before I can admit when I screw up. Which I do often enough lol, but when the game is set to not play fair is what gets to me. I know a lot of you will say it's only a game and I know that. It also makes me angry at myself for letting them get affect me in such a game. I'll end up uninstalling, but then I'll come back and go through it again. Anybody?? I'd appreciate it. Thank you


  • Heshan_GHeshan_G Posts: 1,522 Level 4

    I'm not a Psychiatrist. But I'm feeling the same, when I lost the first place of episode race and other contests, sometimes when I lost the golden pin for first try.

    But, I think it's because of being less patient.

    Actually, I'm not much patient at all but I'm trying to develop that quality, which helps me to reducing my anger and anxiety.

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  • Tina_Williams-2Tina_Williams-2 Posts: 224 Level 3

    Same here, but when the settings on the game are made set so you lose then I lose my patience and temper. Good luck with your anxiety and God's speed.

  • Lana28Lana28 Posts: 5 Level 2

    I think when your involved in something so long it is hard not to be emotional

  • MaryLuyo2020MaryLuyo2020 Posts: 960 Level 3


    I can understand you. But i believe that you should receive professional help to control your emotions.

    I think it is an anxiety problem.

    A hug! 🤗

  • mandrakmandrak Posts: 156 Level 2

    This game makes you addictive like gambling, alcohol, food and the like ... the game is designed to take advantage of human weaknesses and I see that they are constantly changing feautures that do not help make the game easier but make you play on. As with any addiction it creates anxiety .The only way if it really makes you anxious to stop playing and find something else that will calm you down.there are many games that are not competitive in nature like this there is a walk drawing a bike ride etc ... You are the only one who can break the addiction and say enough .. .good luck😀

  • AlienscarAlienscar Posts: 3,210 Level 5

    Hi @Tina_Williams-2 I am not a psychiatrist, but I like to read a lot. One thing I have read is that you shouldn't ask for medical advice from people on the internet. People might mean well, but they may unintentionally cause more harm than good.

    That said here is my opinion.

    I imagine that you know that slot machines are addictive and how they can ruin people's lives. I am also sure you have heard the stories of the huge sums of money people spend when they become addicted to playing slot machines

    What you may not know is that Candy Crush works in the same way that a slot machines does. A slot machine works by giving a player small rewards every now and again mixed with rare big wins. These wins prey on weaknesses in human behaviour as a drug called dopamine is released when people experience something that makes them happy.

    Just like drug addiction when those 'wins' become harder to achieve or get taken away the person becomes frustrated and anxious. For some the frustration can lead to anger and for others it can lead to tears of loss.

    One other thing to consider is that crying for what you consider to be no good reason can also be a sign of depression.

  • doncoyotedoncoyote Posts: 60 Level 2

    NotNot a psychologist or anything, but I have had similar reactions at times. For example, losing a level with just one move away from having won (irksome in and of itself). It seems to happen way too often statistically - and buying or using gold to get 5 more moves is so tempting! At times, I get suspicious the levels are designed that way on purpose (if that’s even possible). Also, fish seem to mainly hit squares that need hitting, but when I have one move left, only 3 or fewer spots to clear to win, activated fish seem to avoid them far more than chance would dictate. To be clear, those are impressions I get, maybe not fact. All this may be just “Confirmation bias,” after all.

    Games like this, like slot machines as someone else mention, can (I understand) affect certain brain chemicals, like dopamine, via the risk/reward ratio, the animation and sounds, etc. Those chems influence our emotions, and can also lower (just a bit) inhibitions (like to buy more stuff) and critical thinking (like trying to win a special booster by using up more boosters than it is worth). Not in some conspiracy theory way, it’s just how brains work, a lot of video games, social media, etc. have similar effects, no one is necessarily doing it on purpose.

    I give in to impulse and buy those extra moves or larger bonuses a lot - but I can afford to, and have decided - while away from the game - that I get enough out of playing that it is worth it for me.I don’t think the game is cheating (except while very frustrated), but I assume that, like most businesses, they optimize things to make a better profit. Kind of like casinos keeping clocks out of sight so gamblers lose track of time and may stay longer.

    I hope you just need some validation, that other players have the same reactions (I do), and perhaps there are snippets in this thread you can use to learn more about why it happens. If you are truly suffering, and/or the urge to play overrides the disruption in your life, there’s no shame in seeing a psychologist or therapist. There might even be places that specialize in video game related problems, in this day and age.

    Sorry for the ramble, and I hope you can work through this!

  • Tina_Williams-2Tina_Williams-2 Posts: 224 Level 3

    You are correct about the games being set up to prevent winning so you buy stuff which I have done way to much lately just to keep anxiety down. My son in-law is a computer programmer. asked him that very question, . I think that's a sign that I need to say goodbye. I really like playing it too. thank you for the info and caring. Take care. Stay safe and well.

  • a_trosta_trost Posts: 740 Level 3

    Not a psychiatrist, but my mom is a psychologist! 😆

    You probably shouldn't trust people on the internet for any medical advice, but here is my advice It seems you might benefit from seeing a counselor or therapist. The crying could mean that you have anxiety, depression, addiction or some other issues that a counselor could help you with. You might talk to your doctor or primary physician about counseling and see what they can do. Many people benefit from counseling. Going to counseling does not mean you are weak or crazy. Those are old stereotypes and are not true.

  • Tzvi_MarcuTzvi_Marcu Posts: 1,761 Level 4

    @Tina_Williams-2 I'm not a psychiatrist but I'm sure if not the game you will have a lot of reasons to be angry. Maybe it's still good that it's about the game.

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