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Fish glitch?

Ryanthecrusher Posts: 534 Level 4

The pictures below are showing how the fish ignore bringing down the ingredients, is it a glitch? The fish are not from the jelly fish booster, they're from in game

I did make that match at the end that winned the level for me, but if that wasn't the case then I would have lost because there was one candy blocking the ingredient from the exit? So lame.


  • Alienscar
    Alienscar Posts: 15,290 Legend
    edited September 2021

    Hi @Ryanthecrusher The Fish really frustrate me at times and I am not 100% I know what they are designed to do. Do they target blockers, do they target jelly? Who knows!

    Anyway it could be said the Fish actually helped you. By removing the two blue candy they allowed you to match the striped orange and thereby allow the cherry to fall. Would have been more obvious if they had targeted the striped candy, but the end result was the same.

  • Timhung
    Timhung Posts: 1,487 Level 5


    You guys may not understand the system of fish.

    The fishes from bobber always go to jellies, below the ingredients, bubblegum pop, candy bomb, sugar coat

    but the fishes from cannons or fish boosters go jellies mainly... btw, sugar coats always attract fishes.

    Most of the time, the fishes of jellyfish booster don't go below the ingredients.

  • Fences
    Fences Posts: 1,122 Level 4

    Fun fact: Fishes hate popcorn in the old versions

  • Magic_Mixer
    Magic_Mixer Posts: 255 Level 4

    Fish are dumb. They know how to target jelly and blockers, but don't always go for ingredients. It's impossible to know how they work since they change them every second

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