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Feedback on levels 10 326 - 10 370



  • Michael-6
    Michael-6 Posts: 987 Level 3
    edited October 2021

    I don't know what sort of review was done to 10339, but the developers need to go back and have another turn. And do it properly this time.

    Even if by some miracle you get the chocolate in the middle freed, you have to wait a few moves to allow a sufficient amount of it to develop to meet the order to unlock the ingredients. And there just aren't enough moves to do that.

    The frog is completely useless as well, if you move it to clear some toffee, it just sits there getting in the way of candies falling down.

    And, sometimes you get lucky and the game gives you a constant supply of wrapper+stripe beside each other every other go, or sometimes they go out of sync and you are lucky to clear all the frosting, never mind get all the toffee. And nothing to do with what the player does, just another lucky dip in this complete car crash of a level.

    This level needs at least another 10 moves, or significant reductions to the completely idiotic amount of blockers strewn across the level.

    Either that or provide UFOs in the level- this has been done in levels much easier than this, so no reason not to include it here- except, of course, the developer is obviously expecting people to put their hands in their wallets and stump up for a few.

  • Scooterpie
    Scooterpie Posts: 5,484 Level 5
    edited October 2021

    Some things you really get wrong candy gods! Disappointment!

  • Michael-6
    Michael-6 Posts: 987 Level 3

    I see 10339 is now fixed- it is still very hard but can be done without boosters. A proper challenge now.

  • Albert_Heinrich
    Albert_Heinrich Posts: 2,608 Level 4

    Wasted quite a few boosters on it before the fix. Had to hammer my way through. I did not know about the issues so I just started to play.

  • Boybinary
    Boybinary Posts: 2,898 Level 5

    mark me not impressed

  • Spieler_8675309
    Spieler_8675309 Posts: 4,288 Level 5
    edited October 2021


    Feedback on levels 10326-10370

    Completed 'em...

    So week # 15 of doing one episode (back to 3 this week) per day went like it did two weeks ago; as in, 0 GB whatsoever for 4 straight weeks.

    It (episode/fast race) is pretty much a non-feature at the moment.

    And you gotta luv that salty crew; if it only appears when you've finished (nearly) all levels, there's nothing sweet about it.

    The timing of it is downright deplorable; if it appeared on a Wednesday, you could (of course) do the 45 levels & leave the other 5 for the other 2 randos.

    But as it stands, you'd better hope those other 2 players aren't dead weight.

    Hey King, you need to fix your features...

  • Goldenswordz
    Goldenswordz Posts: 521 Level 3
    edited October 2021

    @LindQ Level 10359 is way too difficult, 26 moves is way too low, I think the moves should be increased, and maybe the amount of jelly needed to be collected should be decreased too.

  • Marina_Zakon
    Marina_Zakon Posts: 72 Level 3

    @LindQ I was wondering if anyone encountered a loop in level 10369

  • Scooterpie
    Scooterpie Posts: 5,484 Level 5

    Guys in an earlier post when I said I was disappointed it was not with the game. Although Level 10339 I did not like at all.

    Never like to say a level was too easy because I could have just gotten a lucky board.

    Anything missing? Just waiting on that Candy Cobra and we always want more Samantha.

    Not sure what level was my favorite but there are two I wish to play again:

    Level 10359 - (Liked a Lot) will play again (think I would like to think on it some more)

    Level 10365 - (Interesting) would play again to make it work more better

    Cool Looking Board of the Week - Level 10343

  • Michael-6
    Michael-6 Posts: 987 Level 3

    10359 is another stupid lottery level. The first time i played it, i ran out of moves with half the board still blocked. On my next go i completed it with 12 moves to spare. I didn't do anything different on either go, just released the jelly jars as fast as possible. On my second go, everything then just went and cleared itself.

    Overall, i'm finding this a very disappointing batch of levels this week, dominated by sour skulls and luck based levels. It's like we've gone back to 2 or 3 weeks ago.

    The game is crying out for a fresh idea to shake up this endless parade of same-y boards.

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