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Confirmation I made the All Stars Semi-Finals

KenTheHawkKenTheHawk Posts: 3 Newbie

I was tracking my progress in the Quarter Finals... and it said I was in 1st position... down to the second the timer ran out. So I believe I made it in... but then the next day, all mention of the All Stars is missing from the Events section (where previous to the Quarters it showed a 'You Qualified' tag.

I'm wondering if as I was watching the leaderboard down to the last second where it showed I won, I was not online and actually did not win the Quarter Finals. Is there any way to verify if I am in... and will be bringing back the All Stars screens in the Event section of the game as the Semis get closer or start??? Or, am I not seeing anything on the Semi Finals because I am out :( ?


  • RyanthecrusherRyanthecrusher Posts: 305 Level 3

    Hello @KenTheHawk if your halloween events are showing up, or if your orange candies turned to halloween candies, then it probably means you didn't make it. However, if your orange candies are still all star candies then your probably still in.

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  • jruiz88jruiz88 Posts: 8 Level 2

    Do you have this in your events menu?

  • dlovo313dlovo313 Posts: 233 Level 3
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