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No more frame progress?

CormCirianCormCirian Posts: 1 Newbie

I’m level 82 in frames. I don’t see the animation that indicates I’m making any progress toward the next level in frames after I’m done with a level, whether I win it or not. This has been going on for a few days. I’m on an iPhone. Help!


  • Glenn1972Glenn1972 Posts: 15,491 Level 5
    edited October 24

    Hello and welcome to our Community!

    The frames around your avatar of profile picture will come. They are spaced every certain number of levels you complete. Do not worry, you are already at level 82 and you will get them.

    Keep Crushing

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  • HavishHavish Posts: 2,172 Level 5

    When the bar of your rank is full, your rank updates. That's it!

    Keep crushing it

  • kiara_waelkiara_wael Posts: 66,394 Candy Moderator

    Hi and welcome to the King Community

    Your game's profile frame will change automatically with every 5 or10 Rank up.

    Please see here for full details.

    What is rank?

    Rank is a cool way to show off your Candy Crush Saga skill-level and get extra lives in the process. A higher rank lets other players know that you are a serious Candy Crush Saga player who can match candies with their eyes closed!

     How can I find what my rank is?

    You can see your rank by looking at the number on the bottom left-hand corner of your player avatar, shown at the top of the map screen.

     How do I rank-up?

    Ranking-up is easy, just play levels! Every time you play a level, experience points or 'XP' is awarded. The better you do in the level, the more experience points are added. Once you fill up your experience-meter shown beneath your avatar, you will move up a level/rank.

     What do I get for ranking-up?

    Every time you reach a new rank, we reward you with a top-up of your lives. Your life-meter has a full capacity of 5 lives, so if it's already full, it will only add as many as it needs to fill up. Every 5 levels you will win a delicious frame for your avatar. You will get a new frame at level 5, 10, 15, and so on, so keep playing, keep ranking-up and show all the other players just how good you are at Candy Crush Saga. Sweet!

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