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Feedback on levels 10 521 - 10 565!



  • justafoo
    justafoo Posts: 32 Level 2

    10522 with just 18 moves is ridiculous. I stopped trying and won’t play until you fix it. stop doing the crazy technique of taking moves away after initial release.

  • Cozza
    Cozza Posts: 24 Level 2

    it is rigged!

    They keep reducing the number of moves on numerous levels in the hope we buy more gold bars etc.

    Complete joke playing this game now. The enjoyment has been taken away. Time to move on!

  • E-3
    E-3 Posts: 55 Level 3
    edited December 2021

    From 10521 so far, this episode is so hard. Its not enjoyable. That is the same for many of them since 10000. If players have to chuck a load of boosts at nearly everyone, then you may as well introduce pay to play. I would love the option to just start again from the very beginning.

    I'm currently on 10527, who added the bombs? it is already hard enough trying to get through the wall in the stingey number of moves.

  • GordyF
    GordyF Posts: 191 Level 2

    Totally agree.

    The levels after these are just fkn mince.

    Was probably spoiled before when I had a lot of boosters and gold to spare........not now.

    Game is rigged towards people spending cash.

    You can actually anticipate when it's going to fk you !!!!

  • Karebear
    Karebear Posts: 60 Level 3

    I have been stuck on level 10542 for some time. Used most of my boosters, have been playing on multiple devices, and still cannot even get close. This level is so frustrating and needs more moves or some kind of tweak! I spent all my gold boosters, so I am stuck there too. I refuse to continue buying gift cards to pass these levels. I can no longer "chill and relax" playing this game. Its more frustrating that ever! UGH

  • E-3
    E-3 Posts: 55 Level 3

    I used to buy the paid for season passes but I can't even get half way so there's no point. It just takes far too long to pass any level that any available rewards time out.

  • GordyF
    GordyF Posts: 191 Level 2

    I was the same.

    Even with unlimited lives you still drain your resources and end up using your gold

  • leejays1
    leejays1 Posts: 113 Level 2

    Level 10494 has anyone been stuck for 4 days. I haven’t even come close to passing the level. ? I have used my previous gold bars passing other hard levels and won’t buy any. I’d appreciate any advice how others have passed.

  • Hazel1970
    Hazel1970 Posts: 3 Newbie

    Level 10548 is impossible. The Youtubers get 28 moves but is minions only get 20.

    it’s not really very fair to make certain levels easy for one set of players and impossible for others.

    it isn’t very fair to expect loyal players to continually buy boosters to get to a new level.

  • GordyF
    GordyF Posts: 191 Level 2

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