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Daily Treat Machine

sabca1sabca1 Posts: 16 Level 2

Why does it subtract days when I played at least once every day but usually twice? I was at 30 then it went down to 25 back up to 28 and yesterday it was at 6! I have tried to reach someone in support many times and just get a bot.


  • arwen777arwen777 Posts: 1,391 Level 5

    @sabca1 it's unfortunately unclear why the machine misses days! The same thing used to happen with the daily bonus. It could be the time you log in, a new update, a one time glitch etc. What you can try is to check if your game is updated, log out and restart your device then log back in and see if this resolves your issue.

    As for support, it's always difficult to reach them! If you can't answer above the line they point out in their email, you keep getting this automated response forever! πŸ™„

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  • kiara_waelkiara_wael Posts: 66,489 Candy Moderator

    Hi and Welcome to the King Community

    Please Check app update - Log out game - Restart Device - Open game and Log in.

    and If you miss a reward, please report this to ourΒ Player Support TeamΒ here

  • sabca1sabca1 Posts: 16 Level 2

    I forgot to mention that I play on Facebook on my iMac. Doesn't it update automatically through the FB platform?

  • sabca1sabca1 Posts: 16 Level 2


    I've replied to their emails several times, and still get an automated response.

  • sabca1sabca1 Posts: 16 Level 2

    Now I am really angry!! I played twice yesterday and my counter is now at Day 1!!!!!!! It is ridiculous that I can't get any support.

  • Sukanta_BiswasSukanta_Biswas Posts: 22,570 Candy Moderator

    Welcome back to the King Community.

    In fact what I noticed is that the Daily Treat machine is not syncing on every platform even I play the game through facebook connection. I'm at days 17 on the mobile app despite having a maximum on the Windows 10 platform.

    Okay, I'll let you know as soon as I get information from my team on this.

    Thank you!

  • sabca1sabca1 Posts: 16 Level 2

    Well, last night my Daily Treat Machine was back down to 2 and I had played in the morning.

    I play on my Mac through FB and the treat machine used to look like the top photo from the above post (1-30 days). Last month it changed to the one on the bottom (1-6). Are these days? What do they represent?

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