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Enough is enough

I try to keep the degree of my frustration to a level concomitant with the fact that this is a phone game, which I play (ostensibly, at least) for the purpose of enjoyment... and which, at the end of the day has no bearing on the rest of my life. As such, I would do well to keep these things in perspective, and if I find frustration to be the most frequent feeling I experience whilst playing, well maybe it's time I take a break.

Well I guess it's about that time. In addition to recurring instances of promised rewards going conspicuously unfulfilled and the intermittent instances of in app purchases being (for whatever reason) inaccessible, the app on my Android device has recently taken up the maddening little habit of dropping the "you failed" curtain down on the festivities as soon as I make my final allotted move. The operative element of said complaint being AS SOON AS... which is to say that in more cases than I can reasonably be expected to overlook, it happens BEFORE THE RESOLUTION OF THE CASCADE TRIGGERED *BY* that final move, and as likely as not victory conditions were going to be met were the process not curtailed preemptively. Now this complaint is admittedly a difficult one to prove with lazer-precise screenshot. Here's as close as I've come, from the most recent occurrence--

In addition to the vast majority of the tableau becoming almost immediately obscured from any evidentiary effort, this level (conveniently for moi) requires additional information even to spot where the movement should have continued, but I'll take the time to explain, despite the fact that it's not at all likely for anyone to care enough to confirm or refute the charge... for my own edification, I guess, since my dog remains unsympathetic.

In level 9939 these πŸ’ here at the bottom ARE NOT STOPPED by this candy cane fence

-- so the interrupted movement should have seen them through the exit, at which point the number of order targets remaining unfulfilled ought to be 5, (rather than 7) but even THAT isn't telling the whole story, which I'll do my best to recreate for purposes of my grievance:

Above those two prematurely stymied cherries you can SORTA make out a blue candy (which by rights ought to occupy that bottom-most space vacated by the offended cherry--

Was a purple 🍬 , so for those of you following at home... ;

Horizontal striped near the top... eliminating an entire additional rank.

.... and whatever might have followed THAT is now left to my now-miffed imagination. Irrespective of what might have remained beyond THAT, at this point I have powerful scant inclination to drop another $1.99 for the privilege of determining.

This game really does seem to ask for more and more and more.....

πŸ¬πŸ˜ πŸ’ΈβœŒ


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