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astrix2astrix2 Posts: 95 Level 3

I’ve been stuck on level 1229 forever!!! I’m at school during the day so it’s not like I have all day to figure this level out. If my teacher caught me playing I’m dead meat! Anyways….. anyone have any idea how to make the cake thing explode?????


  • astrix2astrix2 Posts: 95 Level 3

    Oh! I just may have figured it out ✌️😜 if u put a candy text to the cake will it make it crack????? 😋🎂😵

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  • RyanthecrusherRyanthecrusher Posts: 402 Level 3

    Hi @astrix2, you match candies next to them or hit them with specials and combos

  • astrix2astrix2 Posts: 95 Level 3

    Woah, thx. That’s pretty helpful, let’s go!

  • NenikapakiNenikapaki Posts: 28,072 Level 5

    Hey @astrix2 . My advice is not to play during class hours and you're right, you'll be a dead meat 😁.. special candies help you to pass hard levels. Good luck 🤞..

  • astrix2astrix2 Posts: 95 Level 3

    Thank you my education comes first so I can go to college and become a professional gamer

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