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Rant - where did the fun go?

olyamt Posts: 228 Level 3

I'm in 10,000 levels, have been playing since the beginning. It's been really frustrating to play the game lately! I have no extras in my game, there is no way to earn gold bars except for an episode race and even that was changed and reduced to lower amount of bars. Plus I'm constantly put in the super fast episode race and that's just impossible to win. Chocolate box is gone, never had a Candy Necklace, Master Trophy is gone. I've never had a single ad in my game for extra moves or boosters! I used to have more than 900 bars, all hard earned. With levels being very difficult, and absolutely no way to earn boosters or gold bars, my gold bars are disappearing really fast. Just sad 😔


  • 97kj11
    97kj11 Posts: 19 Level 2

    Yes! I see some people have such different games than I do.. I don’t understand why we all have different functions? I’m also missing my chocolate box. I don’t have the master trophies or ads or anything. I have the worst version of candy crush and I don’t enjoy it anymore. Some people are getting so many freebies that takes me weeks to achieve.

  • DarDarW
    DarDarW Posts: 1,272 Level 4

    @olyamt I sure hope something comes of your rant, anyone that is at those crazy high levels definitely deserves to be heard. Wow that's impressive and that you've stuck it out with these obstacles good on you! Hope you get your issues resolved and you continue playing on 😊 best of luck!

  • leejays1
    leejays1 Posts: 113 Level 2

    I agree I am on level 10455, you can be stuck for days and days. My chocolate box is gone there’s no extra levels like I see others get. I have used boosters and they don’t help win the level either.

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