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Loyal CCS Players Quitting Due To The Direction The Game Has Taken

Albert_Heinrich Posts: 2,608 Level 4

You see lots of posts of players quitting or that plan to quit once their boosters have been used up. They site various reasons, but mainly the way the game has developed. Some call it "Pay for Play". Yep, you're right, everybody plays out of free choice and some may say if they don't like the game then stop playing. That may be a bit short sighted.

The latest "casualty" is @Boybinary. He has a playing style that most us of who interacts with him on a game level, admires. He has been at the top of the pile, grinding his way through levels using only boosters gained in the game. I for one looked forward to his customary post when he completed the newly released levels.

Not sure if he coined the phrase "Terrible Ten", but that is where the rot set in for him. His style of play was no longer suitable for the newly released levels, since it no longer required "Brain Power" to complete. He played SUDOKO and left it to play CCS, and he might return to SUDOKO. He has a love for music and would sometimes reply to posts with a music video. I enjoyed that. I am hoping he will rescind his decision, because he will be sorely missed in the "New Release" posts.

There are many players like him and they all just disappear into the abyss. This is players at various levels in the game, not only those playing at the top.

I am hoping disgruntled players will add their names to this thread so that we can remember them and for KING to see what the game has turned into.

@Spieler_8675309 @Peter_Tornaros @Michael-6 @Scooterpie @Alienscar @NancyDrew @DieOmimi @Tzvi_Marcu @Goldenswordz @santo_chris97 @Yorben_Goeree @GraceKung @lindark @Marina_Zakon @beccasdad


  • Peter_Tornaros
    Peter_Tornaros Posts: 1,834 Level 5
    edited January 2022

    A well written expose' of the way the game has gone. As you mentioned the game very rarely now requires skill or tactics, it is a matter of lucky boards, uncontrollable cascades going your way or nuclear war with boosters to blast your way to the end.

    @Crazy Cat Lad questions, although well intentioned, are impossible to answer as the game is not enjoyable, only difficult because of layer upon layer of blockers or sour skulls and no longer requires any modicum of skill. @LindQ was a breath of fresh air when she appeared, but now has all but disappeared.

    To expand, @Albert_Heinrich, daily booster opportunities have become a joke with for instance the Daily Treat Machine a shadow of its predecessor the Daily Treat Calendar. The Sugar Track was a good booster source, while waiting for new releases, but of course the good players were collecting too many free boosters. And as I pointed out about a week ago the Chocolate Box is a total joke.

    It seems in their quest for the almighty $$$, King has made the game "pay to play" and must be paying very poor remuneration to their staff as the quality of design and attention to detail is appalling.

    @Boybinary I fully understand your frustration and admire you for your determination to complete levels without spending $$. I will miss your witty comments and summaries.

  • Scooterpie
    Scooterpie Posts: 5,485 Level 5

    I am always sad to see good loyal CCS players leave. However, I really do not think that we have much say in much of anything here...

    p.s. I shall miss your great style @Boybinary "Mr. anything but ordinary!"

  • santo_chris97
    santo_chris97 Posts: 1,494 Level 4

    I'm not gonna leave CCS although they "turned" this game to P2W game (but not fully P2W).

  • DieOmimi
    DieOmimi Posts: 29,862 Friends Moderator

    It's a pity that @Boybinary is leaving Candy Crush Saga. I can understand him well. The thought also came to me sometimes. Somehow it went on and on. Sometimes good, sometimes a bit bumpy.

    Maybe he'll move into the realm of my game and play Candy Crush Friends again. 😜 I would be very happy about that. 😍

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